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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 375. 1882. 2()1 Improving Alabama River, Alabama: Continuing improvement, Alol»=~¤¤=¤ Rivertwenty thousand dollars. Improving Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers, Alabama and Mississippi: W =¤_¤‘ri or _ o nd Continuing improvement, thirty thousand dollars, of which sum ten T°““”€b°° Rl""- thousand dollars to be applied to the Warrior below Tuscaloosa, seven thousand five hundred dollars to the Tombigbee between Columbus and ' Vienna, seven thousand five hundred dollars to the Tombigbee between. Vienna and Demopolis, and five thousand dollars below Demopolis. Improving Big Sunilower River, Mississippi: Continuing improve- _B i s S¤¤il¤W¤¢ ment, five thousand dollars. R“'"· Improving Noxubee River, Mississippi: Continuing improvement, ten Noxoboo Riverthousand dollars. Improving Pascagoula Biver, Mississippi: Continuing improvement, {Pascagoula Riveight thousand dollars. °¤'· Improving Pearl Biver, Mississippi: Continuing improvement from Pearl River. Jackson to Carthage, two thousand nve hundred dollars. For improving the roadstead which leads into the Back Bay of Biloxi, Boudswul _ into cn the Mississippi Sound, according to survey and estimate made, live B*°kB°Y°fB'1°*'· thousand dollars. Improving Pearl River below Jackson, Mississippi: Continuing im- Pearl River. - provement, fifteen thousand dollars. · Improving Tallahatehee River above mouth of the Coldwater, Missis· Tallnhatehee sippi : Continuing improvement, three thousand dollars. Ri*¤¤‘· ` Improving Tchnla Lake, Mississippi: Continuing improvement, two Tabula Lake. thousand five hundred dollars · · _ Improving Tombigbee Biver, Mississippi: Continuing improvement Tombigboc Bivabove Columbus, one thousand dollars. °"· Improving Yallabusha River, Mississippi : Continuing improvement, Yallabusha Rivthree thousand nve hundred dollars. ‘ °*'· Improving Yazoo River, Mississippi: Continuing improvement, eight Yazoo River. thousand dollars. Improving Bayou Bartholomew, Louisiana and Arkansas: Continuing Boron Bartholoimprovement, five thousand dollars. "'°"· Improving Bayou Black up to,Houma, Continuing im- Bayou Blookprovement, ten thousand dollars Improving Bceuf River, Louisiana: Continuing improvement, ive Bwufkivcr. y0!! up Ollma, H1B12B3i OD l11I1g ayou erre Improvi? Ba Term Bonne to H Lo ‘ ’ C tinB ·r impiovumegt, seven thousand dollars. · -Bs·¤¤o- · Improving Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana : Continuing improvement, three Calcasien Pass. thousand dollars. Improving Caleasien River, Louisiana : Continuing improvement, culuusieu River. seven thousand dollars. * Improving Bed River, Louisiana: Continuing improvement from the Red River. Atchafalaya to Fulton, Arkansas, including Bayou Pierre, Tone?s Bayou, and to relieve the town of Alexandria iiom the encroaehments of the _ river, seventy-tive thousand dollars. · _ Improving Tchefuncte River and Bogue Falia, Louisiana: Contmu- Tchefnncte Riving improvement, one thousand five hundred dollars. uml Bogus Fw Improving Tickfaw River, Louisiana: Continuing improvement, two Tielcfaw River. thousand dollars. _ Improving mouth of Brazos River, Texas: Continuing improvement, mM¤¤*h °‘ BMW ilhy thousand dollars. _ * V"' Improvln Buffalo Bayou, Texas: Continuing improvement, ilfty Boffoio Bowithousand dollars. Protection of river bank at Fort Brown, Texas, one thousand dollars 0 Prgtseltipn Brown,'I`ex. lmprovin shi -ohannel in Galveston Boy, Texas: To complete im- snip-clmuusl, movement, ixinety-four thousand ave hundred dollars. _ canvases any- Imgnovlng Keehes Riva-, Texas: Continuing improvement, svc swim num thousand dollars.