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204 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 375. 1882. agree as to the value of the lands, premises, and materials taken or to be taken for said use, then the value thereof shall be determined by the appraisal of three disinterested commissioners who may be appointed upon application by either party to the judge of the United States district court for the district in which such land, premises, or materials may be situate; and said commissioners, in their assessment of damages, shall appraise such lands, premises, and materials at what would have been the value thereof, if said works had not been constructed; and upon return into said United States district court of such appraisement, and upon the payment into the same of the estimated value of said land, premises, and materials so taken and appraised as aforesaid, said land, premises, and materials shall be deemed to be, and shall become, ftlhfa pfoperty of the gnited States, which shall thereby acgurre _ tit e to the same. nd either party feeling aggrieved at said apprarsement may, within thirty days after the same hasbeen re-

 rnto sand court, file an appeal therefrom and demand a trial by

· jury rncdsard chrgnrtmtiotesgzlimate andhasclertain the damages sustained: · fart _ a the money ere y appropriated shall be sed solely for_the improvement of the navigation of the Mississippi Iiliver and its tributaries, amino part thereof shall be expended with the view it ;:L[;!:Ar)e1r;'e1r;¥l pmpet;t(y*.t And fthe Segretary of the In- _ _ y an oasce in w at, if any, injury is occasioned to the rights of any friendly Indians occupying any Ind` reservation by the construction of any of the said dams, or the cuttidg or removing of trees or other materials from any such reservation for the construction or erection of any of said dams, and to determine the gout ofodglmagces payahje tol spoil; Inélians therefor; and all such mages _ va prope an 'en ly Indians when ascertained _ detmmmed in the manner herein directed and provided, shall be Promo. paid by thetginted States: Provided, however, That such damages shall ~ no exceed per centum of the sums hereby appropriated for the construction of said reservoirs. . pilgrnglr-Hinhip mhnpmving Mississippi River: Operating snag-boat, twenty- mniuip i Riv- Improving Mississippi River above Falls of Sa' t Anth M`

 W soia: Continuing improvement, ten thousand della];. (my, mmmpmving Mississippi River from Saint Paul to Des Moine Ra 'l

Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin · Continuin Spu S, . g v. mam hundred and fifty thousand dollars, of which sum Eftegr?t)llgume rk0n3B shall be expended in improving the channel and banks of Gr on the west side thereof at Saint Paul. mgmhdwk °g¤¤D: b0]:“* Wil Mm ¤f thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may Kaine; aqua; 50,, of d ’m: um ”m° *8 Pmbyi ¤pP1'01>l‘i3tcd for the construcgag _ ¤ YY _ at the Des Moines Rapids Canal th M' ’ ’ ° Ihverégt such site as may be selected thereon by theSecret(;iry1?>:;’lSl?‘\lppl sam an to be me forthe mutated · · i - ·"; d on, examination repairing §'€m‘¥2f.‘{.‘§.'£°‘1‘&* £?f$a1i2£."*°2;..“‘7£§t?.1’.§‘°‘“".i ‘”°““‘?‘“ °f“‘° “""*“l Privau Pm, under h i _ , an repair of vessels tor _ **5 _ suc regulations and f r h may, from tmxeto time be iixed and regulated b dim S compensation as th- . . v y e ecretary of W · _ Oflzélgrpropmum to be expended under the direction of the Secrelsgy om: r rss 1 That h &,m°§,a:,° 3: um Sur °'}°V01‘ the goyermnent shall not further use the old lock of ml mnvmd hm tSamte Marne banal rt shall be conve t d ° to ,1,, umn cm pine repair ofhgovernment dredges, revenue cuttergs dlhd ottligg gg onging to the government, and for other craft bel‘ - persons, on such terms as the Secreta f W cuging t? Punto fm. the upenu of such mmtmm RY 0 ar shall prescribe; and d Ib ba, _ on the amount of sixty-five thousand 03m,:; ,0 t;:c§n2;e:fgYn?;:¥:r Bl0D of the State of Michigan, and . Sming Pm'P°¤¤; be Swepted by the United