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226 FORTY-SEVENTH ccmnmss. sm. 1. cu. asu. 1882. bookkcepcrs, one hundred dollars each; thirty clerks 0i' class three; twenty-seven clcxks of class two; twenty-lbur clerks of class one ; sixteen clerks at one thousand dollars each; fiftyy-three female clerks, at uiuc buudrcd dollars each; ten mcssc11gcrs; tau assistant messengers; one foreman of laborers, one thousand dollars; forty-seven laborers; superintendent of the Treasury building, three hundred dollars; eleven laborers, at five hundred dollars each; three laborers, at three hundred and sixty dollars each; one captain of the watch, one thousand four hundred dollars; one engineer, one thousand fom- hundred dollars; one assistant engineer, one thousand dollars.; one machinist and gasftter, ono thousand two hundred dollars; one storckccpcr, one thousand two hudm dollaxii sixty watchman, and additional to two of said watchmcu 'ug as 'cutemmts of watchman one hundred and eighty dollars each; seven firemen, at seven lmnllred and twenty dollars each; seventy-five churwomen, at one hundred and eighty dollars each; three coixductxars at clegators, ag sevengnundrod unggwcnty dollars each; one wegrap opcmrouctou t h d dll ; gard eight hundred sgml forty doll;-ls; 3-rfc xmmtcgdgg 0(t{n](:apcr—r$>?>:§; oing thousand mx hundred dollars; and for the following employees wlulc actually cmploycd: One foreman of cabinet shop, at iivo dollars per day; one dra.ughtsma.n,at four dollars por day; onq cabiuat-maker, “¤.“m‘“§fi¤‘§?~L’”p; *3;} °*.`f.¥.,‘é°;·.‘{$“ E" 3** €‘€$?"‘é ‘ii‘§"“°"‘“$“°”* “°

 · me ma. era 0 0 rspcr a.y·0n0

forcmam of bmdcry, it five dollars per day; four binders, at foul- dollgrs por day; one sewer and folder, at two dollars and fifty cents por y- one paper-cutter at th1·0c_ dollars r da - . t twozlollars and twenty five cents par daygwtwcugr Zglut? 2;>I;;‘e$·?cl:>I:11$;`c€·|g apc! laborers at two dollars per day; in all, four hundred and ninety egg; thousand seven hundred and thirty three dollars and twenty-iivo Qvrperviing Ar- SUPEBYISING Ancmmcm Iu the construction bmnca of the Tr 0 gg3m' - . .' BBS-

 dg my: For Qupcrynsing Arclutect, fom- thousand ive hundred dollars-

,t,, nssnstant and chmi; two thousand five hundred dollars- one principal clark, at two thousand dollars; photographer, two thegusaud dollarstwo clerks of class three; three clerks of class one · one clerk at nine;

 ;l:g1g:;:>llars; audfnc assistant messenger; in ,2111, nineteen thouu dmd liars

hféggggg And the sezviccsltaxti s$cI:ltyd;·1:;)ughtémcn, civil engineers, computers °‘K‘”°“¤~| WQ: mntmlm t::“i§g;:;;£° *:}% Ph g€0gT¤Ph6P, copyists, and M y 0 e s d . »····»~··. m, W be mphym ju me Om. of the §€p§ésT3§ A$2i"§3£§€°€.,

 caujry mto affect the varnoqs appropriations for public buildings, to bo

· palm} for from such uppropmmcns; Promded That the expenditures on thm acgccunt for fha iiscal year ending June lbirtieth, eighteen hundred and mghty three, shall mt oxwcd one hundred and thirty thousand WWW, vw-, w mam? @*1 that tm S°°“’t°*`¥ vf H10 T¤¢¤S¤1'y shall each year in tho be mma w can- ¤¤3¤Kl €¤¤1¤¤¤f<*>S, report to Congress the number of persons so culploycd ` g‘°“·,. im a amount paid to each . P I5 0 1. . ·

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pu,y°:m°{’,t:°;Q, mFf1f;T CUMPTFGUER 0F THE TREASURY.--For First Comptroller of

gym B asuryy Eve thousand dollars; deputy (}()]|]pt[0l18[• two thollsand seven hundred dollars; four chiefs of diwisicu at two, thousand one awmgom?h; hyagcrlgg of agus; foéxri eleven clerks of class ‘ '1g—CI'S0 ·. ·fn · <;;1&tl¤<;¤;sL1;€; gg? oaclh; étxld eleven clcgks ésixéwlluldlgslgzllfgg

    i  L m l   K P, im N0 laborers; m all, eighty two thousand

'°°"" °‘¤P· l ‘ mm Ium l ,5·~·*~,m_;_·tg ·»¤·y· M Eli}? (Elm,; M ‘€§0‘§7;£,K”.'i‘.;}i‘,‘.iq‘§?‘,ig§`§{,Sc“§§,‘{$,§?“"€°" · _ 1 . 0I' W0

?.n11•l:avcn hmldrcd dollars; five clnefs of division at two ,th0¤-
f  £§¢&;g;i¤‘§3 dcM1g §;;§ 3  clerks if class four;, twelve clerks

th 18 · s wc; we ve clerks of class ouei rec e rhs at one thousand dollars each ; mus clerks at nine hmm