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1•°UBTY·SEVENTH concnnss. sms. 1. cn. 389. 1882. 243 ope; seven clerks at one thousand dollars each; in all, eleven thousand enght hundred dollars. Omrrcm or mz Smmxcou Gmmmu.. For one clerk of class four ; one messenger boy, at three hundred and sixty dollars; seven clerks of class one; and fifteen clerks at one thousand dollars each; in all, twenty-tive thousand five hundred and sixty dollars. _ 0F1mm or Tm: Cmmv or Omuuncm. For two clerks of class fom-; mxteen clerks of class one; and two messengers; in all, twenty-ibur thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. 1 ?FPlCE OF THE PAYMASTER GENERAL. For one clerk, one thousand 1 0 lnrs. Wn: l)EPARTM}NT Bvummc. For one foreman of laborers, one thousand dollars. Punmc nvrnmzzms AND mzomms. For clerk in the Omoo of Public Buildings and Grounds, one thousand Clerk museufnur hundred dollars; and for messenger in the same oiliee, eight hun- B"- elred and forty dollars. · For the public gardener, one thousand six hundred dollars. Public gardener. For foremeu and laborers employed in the public grounds, twenty- Fcmmeu and lsni; thousa1:{l dollars f N b°¤*¤- or two mw-keepers or avy Yard and Upper Brid one thou- Draw·keepers. sand four hundred and forty dollars. gu, - Watobnnen— For watchman in Franklin Square, six hundred and sixty dollars. F,,,,;";,, $,1,,,,,,, Forwstchmauinlnfsyottesquore, sixhundred and sixty dollars. sgml to yette DBP6. For two day wstehmeu in Smithsonian Grounds, at six hundred and Sm ithsonion sixty dollars each, one thousand three hundred and twenty dollars. G’°"“d*•- For two night wstchmen in Smithsonian Grounds, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. ‘ For one watchman for Judiciary Square, and one for Lincoln Square J u el a e is r y and adjacent reservations, at six hundred and sixty dollars each, one $·l¤¤¤· · thousand three hundred and twenty dollis.A For one watchman for Ian Garda, one vrntclnnan for Fourteenth Iowa cmu, sm. street Circle and neighboring Bawlba Square audi ,_ Washington Circle, one watchman for McPherson and Farragut Squnreq, ` one for Stanton Place and neighboring reservations, one for Armory · Square and reservations east to Botanical Garden. one for Mount Ver- . non Square and adiaoent reservations, seven in all, at six hundred and sixty dollars each, four thousand six hundred and twenty dollars: Pro- Proviso. _ vided, That hereafter all watchman provided for by the United States W¤¤¤|¤¤¤¤_¤> Government for service in any of the public squares and reservations ggé? in the District of Columbia shall have and perform the same powers ,.0p°u,,_,,, ,,,,m,,,_ and dutiu as the Metropolitan police of said District. · For one hridgekeeper at Chain Bridge, six hundred and sixty dollars. chI¥:¢g§ll;:¤r•¢r. For contingent and incidental expenses, five hundred {dollars. p°(f.:£i¤z¤¤* ¤¤- A NAVY DEPARTMENT. For compensation of the Secretary of the Navy, eight thousand dol- Navy Departlnrs; for compensation of an Assistant Secretary of the Navy, to he mm t_, f appointed, from civil life, by the President by and with the advme and the S:Y:;':‘:‘:f{] gf consent of the Senate, fhmeftblousfrznd w hundred tdollngs; fordognp n,,, g,,.,., A,;,;,,, nsation of the chiefcerk the avy Kartmen o thousand ve out ecretnry, hnndred dollars, one disbursing clerk, two ouszmd dollars; four clerks ::¤i¤f ¤l¢¤‘k» ¤1¤rk¤. of class four; three clerks of class three; one steuogrnpher, at one °· thousand six hundred dollars; two clerks of class two; four clerks of class one- three clerks at one thousand dollars each. two messengers; and two laborers; in nll, forty-three thousand two hundred dollars. . _ For tensions! books lor department library, two thousand ive hun- hfcvk ¤ for Ir me alma "·