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274 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 390. 1882. Proviac. Provided, That one-half of the foregoing sums for the governrpentr of { he 9“9‘*’“*f .°PP'°‘ District of Columbia. shall be paid from the revenues of the §HI(l DlStTlCt. g:,:f:;Y;P:}dfI’§: For the purpose of enabling the Commissioners of the Dnstjrxct of Cotrict of Columbia. Iumbia to complete the investueent of the ten-per ceutum retmned under Bwndnry-¤¤'¤¤¤ the contract for the eoustmcnon of the first SGOCIOD of the Boundary- •°'°'-` street sewer, :1 suiicient sum is hereby transferred from tpe money pzud into the Treasury for the year eighteen hundred and enghty-que, and made applicable to the year eighteen hqndreq ansi sevenuymme, and to enable the Commissioners to meet l1a,b111t1es menrred under the act approved March third, eighteen hundred and eighty—011e entitled 91 Btw, 459- “An act making appropriations to grovrde for the expenses oi: the government of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year euding June

 thirtzieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-twoiapd for other purposes ", eo

much of the uuexpended balance now remaining to the cred1t of tire Dnstrict forgtlne year, eighteen hundred and erghty-one as IS not reqmred to hunter md re- meet outstanding liabilities is herebyrransferrcd and made gpphcable ¤PP¢°P¤‘§¤>*§¤¤ ¤Y to the year ending June thirtietln, 01ghUB0l} hundred ergl1ty-two. 'PP'°P““"‘°"'· And the unexpeuded balances of appropriations for the District for the years ending June, thirtieth, eighteerg hundred and seventy-mug and June, thirtieth, eighteen hundred and enghtjy, are hereby re-approprmted for the purpose of paying legal obligmuous rncurred during the sandjlseal mm, years. And provided further, Tpat 111 cousrderauon of a defimency m the D¤¤_¤i Mw! i¤ collection ottaxes for the year exghteen hundred and exghty-two, the sum °°u°°*‘°“ °f *“°'· of fifty thousand dollars or so much thereof as may be necessary of the District revenue hom taxes for the year eightceq and englrty- three may be credited and applied to meet liabnlmes of pho Qxstnct, the same as if collected during the year ending June thutxeth mghteeu hundred and eighty-two. wiuhm H That the sum of six hundred and forty-four dollars and thirty-eight Greenlee: cents beapprepriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to pay %Vi11iam H. Greenleaf the amount due him as rc- Prvnin. ceiver of public moneys at Benson, Minnesota: Provided, That of this sum four hundred and eight dollars and fifty-eight cents shall be credited to him on his accounts as receiver, and so forth, for the sale of Sioux Indian lands, and the remainder paid to him, the same being to his credit on the books of the Treasury Department. T h o m • • J . T0 pay Thomas J. Hobbs for disbursing the appropriations for the Hobbs. construction of the National Museum Building, under appointment of the Secretary of the Treasury of March twenty-eighth, eighteen hunger! and seventy-nine, two hundred and hfty dollars, in full satistbctiou John 8. Wm- To pay John S. Williams, of the General Land Office, for extra servmm. ices in compiling and supervising the Biennial Register for eighteen Proviso. hundred and seventy-nine, two-hundred dollars: Provided, That hereafter no extra compensation shall be allowed any officer or clerk of the Interior Department for compiling the Biennial Register. M. C. Meigs. To pay General M. C. Meigs for expenses incurred for drawings and advertising under the provision of the sundry civil act for eighteen hundred and eighty-two relating to ar new pensiormhlce building, three hundred and six dollars and nineteen cents. ‘ Salmon-hatching To complete the reconstruction of the salmon-hatching establishment ‘g*¤¤{*;¤5¤¤¤%£¤· on the McCloud R1ver,Ou\ifomia, five thousand and one dollars and _ Olll IVE}', . fortbndve c€utS r um out or Sec. 2.—-That for the payment of claims certified to be due by the chime cprtiied by several accounting ctlicers of the Treasury Department under a,ppro·

Q°°t:‘¥** priamious the balances of which have been exhausted or carried to the

,t,, ’ surplus fund under the provisions of section five of the act of June 18 Stat., 110. twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four,aud under appropriations heretofore treated us permanent, being for the service of the fiscal year