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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 390. 1882. 279 drmc uml ciglxtyonc, three hundred and nineteen dollars and sixty-Evo com s.

 Fm- contingencies of the Indian Department for eighteen hundred and Contingept oxenghty, one thousand six hundred aud seventy dollars aud forty-four P°““°“ Indm" D°‘

(wists. partment. Fm- contingencies of the Indizm Department for eighteen hundred and eighty-cnc, three hundred and thirty-six dollars and twenty cents. _ In Galifbrniu, thr incidental expenses of the Indian service for eighteen hundred and eighty, seventy-aight dotlars and twenty-five cents; and in Colorado, twenty-one dollars and cents Fur transportation of Indian supplies threightcen hundred and eighty, five thousand five hundred and eighty-six dollars and twenty-six cents. For maintaining peace among and with the various tribes and bands of Indians for eighteen hundred and seventy-three and prior years, one thousand two hundred and five dollars and seventy-eight cents. To reimburse the State of Nebraska for expenses incurred in repclliing Reimbursement lndmn hostilities under settlement made by the Second Comptroller t¤ Swim of N6- Murch eighteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, four thousand one *’""’k“· hundred nucl ninety-three dollars and seventy eight cents. , _ Fuliilling treaty with Flathezuls and other confodcratcd tribes, eight- Fmmmds. • can hundred and seventy three and prior years: To pay balance found due by the accounting officers to Charles S. Charles S. Jones. Jones, lam Imlixm agent, on settlement of his accounts, seven hundred and nineteen dollars and thirtytwo cents, as per letter of the Secretary of the Treasury of June twentyaowud, eighteen hundred and eighty- two. . WAl£ DEPARTMENT CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE THIRD WM D°P Mf- AUDITOB AND SECOND OOMPTBOLLER. ”“’“°· For barracks and quarters for eighteen hundred and seventyeight and prior years: To pay two claims, each numbered ninety nine hun- dred and seventy-two, one to John W. Twiggs, 0110 thousand two hun- ·7°Y¤¤W·'f*¤88¤· aired and lbrty-one dollars and eighty cmu, the other in Marion Twiggs lhrion Twiggs - Myers, two thousand and twentyaix dollars and nixtyqcyen cents, as Marmpcrélousc Executive Document Number Thirty, Party-mxth Congress, thi session. " For regular supplies of Quartormastcfs Department for eighteen hun- Supplies. elmd and seventy-uiuc and prior years, two thousand eight hundred and three dollars and sixty-one cents. For Army transportation for same period, one hundred dud twenty- L1:¤¤¤p<>rt¤¤¤¤, five thousand five hundred and ninety-throc dollars and mghty-seven Y- cents. For incidental expenses of Quartormastcfgs Department, for same period, twctheusand two hundred and ninety-su.: dollars and umu cents. For barracks and quarters for same period, three hundred and nmcty- B¤r¤wk¤· seven dollars and fortythree cents. For horses for cavalry and artillery for same pcnod, four thousand H¤¤¤¤- and ninetyninc dollars. _ _ ' For clothing and camp and garrison eqmpagc for same period, one Civthnuz, vwhundmd and eighty-uiuc dollars and scvputy-one cents. For national cemeteries for same pmod, one hundred and seventy $2vw ¤¤m¤· dollars zmd forty-tivo ccnm. Fur subsistence of the grqny far sauna ];: 1’l0d, one thousand mx bun- Subsistence, d ‘ d -0ue can A""' wmanding zghoméigymmm of wa.: in rebel States prior €0 :¤&U§§; to July mst, eighteen hundred and sevuntymine, twelve thousand mx t‘r of nr in mm lmudmnl and twenty dollars and imy cunts; and of thm amouuuou the Bm,` mh umm uuuxbemd nixzy thousand one hundred md mmty·¤:&M ifty- mm dollars and seventy-five cents, twenty-nvm dallas anvcnty Eva Outs cmiy is to be pail the claimant., and the balance, thirty-two