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284 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Srsss. I. Ch. 390, 391. 1882. Domini eighteen hundred and eighty, and payable to the order of said John B. Jnrse, after said J arse shall furnish to said pension ngeut sutl Proviso. Ecient proof of the loss or nompayment of said check: Proveded, That; said John B. Jarse execute and deliver to said pension agent a bond · R_ g_ 3544;, yp_ with sureties, as required by section thirty-six hundred and forty-six of the Revised Statutes. _ J. J. McEll10ue. Sue. 5.-To pay J. J.McE1h011e, chief of the corps of 0550131 reporters of the House of Representatives, for extm services and for clerk-hire » paid out by him, one thousand dollars, for the first session of the Forty- " D. F. Murphy. seventh Congress, und to pay D. F. Murphy, officml reporter of the Senate, for extra. services and for clerk—]1ire paid out by hun, one thousand dollars, for the first session of the Forty-seventl1 Congress. Mcemiugofterms S121c. 6.—That in all cases in this not where the year for the use of the

  • 1*-***** *1 *1*** °°*· appropriation made is stated, for instance, the year “eightcen hundred

and eighty-one,” it is intended to indicate the year ending June thirtsietb, eighteen lmndvcd and eightyone, and the same with any other year stated, it in all cases indicates the fiscal year. In all cases where no year is indicated it is understood that the appropriation is for the year ending June thirtietli eighteen hundred and eighty-two, for which de- - iicieucies this act is principally intended. Board of audit Sec 6.-That a board of audit consisting of the First and Second

  • 0* uw ¤°m°¤¤¤¤* Comptrollers of the Treasury and the Treasurer of the United States,

gfndi 1;: “;°‘;i3 f is hereby constituted, to whom shall be referred all claims and the deter- 0,,; of mgm ang minatiou of all just and reasonable allowances to be made growing puma or xawlkes- out of the illness and burial of the late President, James A. Garfield; ad **6** fa J°”*°“ L that the said board shall hear,·m1d examine, and determine all questions " ° ‘ arising out of said claims and proposed allowances, and shall make an award in each cose for services rendered, or supplies furnished, which, Awardmbcgual when received, shall be taken in ful] compensation of all demand whatape mu wmpeuiw soever; that said bo:ml’0f audit shall issue a certificate, signed by each mm- member of said board, setting forth the amount awarded to each per- » son, and on account of what services rendered, or supplies ihmished, _ and shall transmit said certificate to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall cause to be paid to the several persons named therein, or their legal representatives, the amount so certiiied; and to enable the ' Appmpmziou. Secretary of the Treasury to pay said awards the sum of fifty seven thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, · is hereby appropriated; and of this amount not more than thirty-five thousand five hundred dollars iniall shall be certified and paid for medical services and attendance; and in making said awards it shall be law- . ful for said board to make allowances to employees of the government · ‘ for extra services in amounts not exceeding three months of their currrmm, rent pay: Provided, That no claim shall be considered and 110 allowance shall be made by said board on or after January first, eighteen hundred Awgp@ umm.; and eighty three: And provided further, That the aggregate amount of w appropriation. awards made by said board shall not exceed the amount hereby appro- Release and H priate<1:_And provided further, That no claim shall be considered under Gm; of an claims, this section unless the person tiling the same shall file zi release under ew., to be mea. seul of all claims against the mpresentatives of the late President growing out of said illness and burial. Approved, August 5, 1882. ° A _ r , _ CHAP. 391.-An act makin ro riaxti ‘ ·

 p.,.¤.,g iu.,., mma., Clgb‘§.£lI’i..i£.m°1‘§¤"Ll§§‘§,’}?.¥L*é,‘f$X‘%2f3fifZ‘f S3233E'

_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United nmégpnwpnutiuus, States of America in Cemgrese assembled, That the following sums be, “*""°°· mid they are hereby,_nppro{>mated, to be paid out of any money in the €{‘re:1sury not otherwise appropriated, for the naval service of the government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen liundred and eighty-three, and for other purposes: