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FURTY-SEVENTH,CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 391. 1882. 287* the mileage now allowed bylaw, only their actual and reasonable ex- Yensex? cgrtxhed undexktheir own signatures and approved by the Secre—

ury o  the [my- nm or the payment of any such onicer-s as maybe Pa of m ,

m servieckeithexj upon the active or retired list, during the year ending t§\ 9 ;uu¤1£°;%:2sf J uno thirtxeth, eighteen hundred uudenghty-tlu·ee, 1D excess of the num- gc; m:; .]:0;: boys of each class provided for IU this act, und for any increase of pay 6,,,; bypmvmom f.'.1‘3l{‘r’:2.f'3i3u‘1iL‘}Q°ifE1‘L$i2¥§""1§,S3‘iA‘f§2£i°f t2??!?"?:`?? ‘““¥' ’Tf‘fIé"$’£"3 °‘é£3£Z°'; · . . ers e .vysm c ne om-vice. with the actual time they may have served as officers or enlisted men in - the regular or volunteer Army or Navy, or both, and shall receive all the benefits of such actual service in all respects in the sums manner as if all said service had been continuous and in the regular Navy: Provided, That P*‘°¤‘*°· nothing nu this clause shall be so construed ns to authorize any change 1n the dates of commission or in the relative rank of such otiieers. And Balances of cershould the sums appropriated for the pay of the otiieers on the active U i ¤ ¤PR;¤1>ri¤- and retired lists of the Navy be insufficient, then and in that case the ;;‘;"“f:‘,‘:Y“ &";‘}.; e Secretary of the Navy is hereby nuthoxized to use any and all balances Hogg P y which may be due or become due to “pay of the Navy," from the other bureaus of the department, for that puipose. For contingent expenses of the Navy, namely: For rent and iurm- Contingent exture of buildings and onices not in navy-yards- expenses of courts· P°¤¤°°· _ martial and courts of inquiry, boards of investigatiim, examining boards, with clerkg and witnessed fees, and traveling expenses and éosts; sgi.- tionery an recording- expenses purchasing-paymnsters o ees at the various cities, clerks, fuel, stutionery and inci-. dental expenses; ne and advertising; fogengu postageitelegraphing, foreign and ; telephones; copying; cure of hbmry ; mail and express wugonsnnd livery and express fees and costs of suits; commissions, warrants, dxplomus, dud discharges; relief of vessels m distress und pilotage; recovery of valuables from shipwrecks; quarantine expenses; care and transportation of the dwd; reports, professional investigation, and information from abroad; and all other enier· geueies, und extraordinary expenses arising athome or abroad, butjm- Ertnvrrhnsry possible to be anticipated or classified, exclusive of personal services °*P°”°°°· in tho Navy Department or any of its subordinate bureaus or omccs at \Vashington, District of Columbia, one hundred thousand rbllus. ‘ BUREAU OF NAVIGATION. For foreign and local pilotage and towuge of ships of war ; i$'i€**i°“ ““P‘ and materials in correcting compasses on board slup, end for adjustmg and testing compasses on shore; nautical and astronomical instruments, nautical books, maps, charts, and sailing directions, and repairs of namtical instruments for ships of war; books for Iihmries for ships of war ; naval signals and apparatus, namely, signal-lights, lanterns, rockets, running-lights, dmwings, and engravings for signal-books; compass- Hthin gsjneludin g binnaeles, tripods, and other appendages of ships’ compnsses; logs and other appliances fog measuring the ship’s ways, and leads and other appliances for sounding; lanterns and lamps, and their appendages, for general use on board ship, incluciing those for the cabini _ - wurd·ro0m, and steemge, for the holds and spirit-room, for decks un QHKYCBIHISSCGKS, use; bnntin§ and other materials for flags, and making and repairing Hugs of all kin s; oil for ships of war other than that for the engineer department, candles when used as a substitute for 011 in hinnncles und running-lights, for chimneys und wicks, and soap, used in navigation department; stationery for commanders und nuvxgotors of vessels of war and for use of courts-martial; musical instruments and music for vessels of war; steering-signals and indicators, und for spmkiugiuhes and goings, for signal communication on board vessels of war, one hundred thousand do urs. _ _ nxyeriments in For experimenting in lighting vessels of war by means of electricity, ngning vans}? of five thousand damn-s. _ wu by electricity.