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292 FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 391. 1882. cially relative to the harmonious adjustment, respectively, of their hulls, machinery, and armament; and they shall examine all materials to be used in said vessels, and inspect the work on the same as it progresses, and have Igeneraldsuperyiisiimlnllthlerwt, under this direction of said Secretary. ut said boar. s a ave no power make or enter into any contract, nor to direct or control any officer of the Navy, the chief of any bureau of the Navy, or any contractor. Neither of the vessels hereby authorized to be built shall be contracted D¤:!W*¤s¤» ¤l>¢¤i· for or commenced until- full and complete detail drawmgs and specifica- 2::Y‘:“;an’:d$;:t:d tions thereof, in all its parts, including the hull, engines, and boilers, my a,,,,,,,,,,,;, ,,0 shall have been provided or adopted bby Deiiartment, and ehange mba made shall have been approved, in writing, y son , or y a majori y ¤¤•1•*, M of the members thereof, and by the Secretary of the Navy; and after said drawings and specifications have been provided, adopted, and approved as aforesaid, and the work has been commenced or a contract made for it, they shall not be in any respect, when the cost of such change shall in the construction exceed five hundred dollars, except upon the approval of said bom, or a majority of the members com _ thereof, in writing, and upon the written order of the Secretary of the P•,P¤“°¤¤* Navy; and, if changes are thus made, the actual cost thereof and

2,;* gm the caused thereby shall be ascertained, estimated, and detion. termmed by said board; and in any contract made pursuant to

this act it shall be provided in the terms thereof that the con- _ tractor shall be bound by the determination of said board or a majority thereof, as to the amount of the increased or diminished compensation said contractor shall be entitled to receive, if any, in consequence of such change or changes. _C|lhe Secretary of the Navy is _ hereby authorized to cause the said crunsing vessels of war aforesaid to hggigdfuggw provided with interior deffective steel armor, if the same, upon full · investigation, shall seem to practicable and_desn·able and 1f_the same shall be approved by said board, or a majority thereoil in writing. Before spy oi the vessels heirebly iputhorialedl shall be contracted for or Public saver- common the Secretary 0 the vy s a y pro public adver-

>u¤¤;?1:L;°*I¢: 3*: tisement and notice, invite all engineers and,mecha£g df established

— signs, Bm reputatmn, and all reputable manufacturers of vessels, steam-engines, boilers, and ordnance, having or controlling regular establishments, ant being engaged in the business, all officers of the Navy, and especially all - naval constructors, steamengmeers, and ordnance officers of the Navy, having plans, models, or designs of any vessels of the classes hereby _ authorized, or of any part thereof, within any given period, not less than sixty days, to submit the same to said board; and it shall be the duty of _ Bud to ¤•¤¤— said board to carefully and fully examine the same and tohear any proper ` ”’“"“'P°"*»°*°· explanation thereoh and to report to the Secretary of the Navy, in writmg, yrhether,_m opinion, any such plan, model, or design, orany suggestion t]l0I'8ll1,1S worthy of adoption in the construction of said vessels, their engines, boilers, or armament; and if m such construction any such plan, model,_des1gn, or suggestion shall be adopted, for the use of which any citizen not an officer of the Navy would have a just claim for compensation, the contractor shall bind himself to discharge the Pm_ government from_all liability on account of such adoption and use: B0m_:;•;b Pwpm Provided, That said Naval Advisory Board herein provided for shall, Phu dmwiu under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, prepare plans, drawetc., for vemjgf ings, anddspeculcations for vessels, their machinery, and armament,

1; ia gary, and Leclogiggpt ed by the lute Naval Advisory Board not herein authorized
‘l °’"'M‘“1" mlgg  gztalnegighgshment, twenty thousand and fifty_ two dollars


 r¤•¤!¤¤- _ For repairs, completion, and preservation of machinery and boilers

m vessels on the stocks and in ordinary; purchase and preservation of all