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328 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Gu. 433. 1882. shall be completed and final report made prior to September iiftcenth, ' lnteen hundred and eighty three. A umimstem mgior this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to egnble B•$Cl¤°*°k°°I“‘ the Secretary of the Interior to employ uu agent for the astern em ‘““"· of Cherokee Indians, in accordance with section three of the aetnp- 15 Sh; egg, proved July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and S1XT»)’—0lghl', enghb ' humima dollars. ‘ Census, etc., of For this amount, or so much thereof as may be l10COS?}!'}', toleuable €h¤'°*°°* °*°* °f the Secretary of the Interior to cause the census to be ta len nm atne umuwi mv"' roll to be made of all the Cherokee Indians residing east of the MlSSlS· sippi River, eight hundred dollars. s t C nan i Th Se t of the Interior shall investigate and report 0 ongress

    • 11] ::1*2*% Jog': whabaixf omiliiou would be an equitable settlement of ell matters of

P . I F" °"° °q°'t°} dispute between the Eastern Band of Qherolgee_Ind1ans (including .11 !° wuhmcw ° the Cherokees residing east oi the Miss1ss1pp1 River) and the Cherokee dispute, etc., be- . th b, d 01. tween certain tribe or nation west; also all matters of dispute between 0 Cl'- .m sl l>•¤d¤ °f Ch°’°‘ parts of the Cherokee Nation; also all matters between any of send bum s, k°°°’°t°‘ or parts thereof, mul the United States, arisine tfromtlor grow1:%ouge‘t' tres s'uIatin thelawsefCon¤ressreu.1ug ere_o· n w av sumtgr IEIILIB ofgrngugy, if any, should, in his opinion, be paid lander such settlement; and the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars rs hereby . N si. ro riabed for such investigation. Eiponim otdel- plgorlthis amount, or so much thereof as may be necesszuy, to pay ex- °$‘*°’ fg"" peuses of the delegates representing the Eastern Band of bherokve I n-

{””B°'fmh°?:,§ tl; diane while in the city of llhishmgton, during the months of Many, June,

Washington, em. and July, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, xpclndiug tmveling expenses in coming to and returning home from Clty, six hundred dollars, to be paid out of any funds belonging to said tribe. ww Ipfv- For this amount: 03:0 much theresé at; meg! gliaegaliale

      • 2* 3** °tl1eSec¤eturyofte teriormnegom wr e noux n _

mgcgfffnf such modiiieation of existigg sad] agzreemsrgs with sand · , as me be deemed desire le y said iausan e tary 0 mahmm Interiti, five thousand dollars; but any Slltlll agreement shell noir Dunn. take effect until ratiied by Congress: Promdcd, lwgwver, 'Ihatgf any , lands shall be acquired from smd Indians by the United States, nt. shall be on the express condition that the United States slmll only dispose of the same to actual settlers under the pmeisgonls og the honnestead gm.", F th purposeof surve and appraise o the toe mu l issoun u-

 diaumlands in the States of Kansas and Nebraskujexelusive of such

`!¤*“*¤ portion thereof es has heretofore been ceded by sand Indians as right l‘“d“* "*°‘ of way to railroads.) in accordance with provisions of an act approved 21 S“°*·38°’ March third eighteen hundred and eighty—0ne, five tlnousand dollarshor so much tlxereofas maybe necessary- said sum to be reim ursed to o government out of the proceeds of the sale of said lands. p,,,,,],.,, ,,,,5 For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the distributicp of purchase of additional beef for Indians, to be distributed by the Sec;

    • 9*** °* °**°¥**” m' retary of the Interior, ut: such Indian agencies as the necessities of the

°‘“" °g°°°’°°‘ Indians shall require, two hundred thousand dollars; and the Secretary shall cause a report to be made to Congress at its next session thereafter of his action under this provision. _ Support or In· For the support of the Indfsms of the Mesculero agency and the J1- di=:;¤¤t;:¤ Mfpvcsllsig carilln agency, in addition to amounts heretofore appropriated twenty-

  • " . ° ‘ five thousand dollars.

·g€3%ay1m. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pny tlne amount found due P¤Y¤¤¤¤¤!¤· B. H . Taylor, June math, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, for herding cattle, the sum of three hundred and thirtyone dollars uml ninety- seven cents, appropriated by the net of July tlfteenth, eighteen lum- I5 S*°‘·» “°· tired and seventy, is hereby reappropriuted and nmde available fer this purposv. (;0¤s.,ud,m,¤ 4 Where two or more Indian agencies have been or may hereafter be agencies. consolidated, the expenditures, nt such consolidated agencies, for employees, exclusive of the ugcnfs salary, shall not exceed fifteen thou-