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330 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 433. 1882. Revenue-Cutter Service, and those committed from the National Homes for Di ablcd Volunteer Soldiers, and persons clnargcd with or convicted of crimes against tho United States, and of all persons who have beoomo insane since their entry into the military or naval sorvico of tho I¤dig°I{t *P°°¤° United States, and who are indigent, and of the indigent msano of tho . 'éil2:;b&m'°‘ °f District of Columbia, two hundred and two thousand Evo hundred dollars; and not exceeding one thousand dollars of this sung may be ogpended in dofraying tho expenses of the removal of patients to their friends; and that hereafter the surplus products and waste material of the hospital may be sold or exchanged for the bonciit of tho hospital, Y and proceeds to be used and accounted for the samo as its other funds: Provided,. That in addition to the persons now entitled to admission to Imam ponuns said hospital, any inmate of thu National Home for Disabled Volunteer hom Nstionni Soldiers, who is now or may hereafter become insane shall, upon an §*3"'°f°’]z;0°{"}!£fr‘: order of tho pr•·si¢le·nt of the board of managers of the said National ,°°b::d°:,{t,d LW Home, be admitted to said hospital and treated therein; and ifany in- ’ mate so admitted from said National Homo is or thorcaitcr becomes a pensioner, and has neither wife, minor child, nor parent dependent on him, in whole or in part, for support, his arrears of pension and his pension money accruing during tho period ho shall romuin in said hospital shall be applied to his support in said hospital, and be paid ovor to the proper ohiuor of said institution for tho general uses thereof. 18 Sum 251_ That section one of the act of Jima twenty-third, oightoon hundred , and seventy-fom-, chapter four hundred and sixty tivo, concerning insane convicts, be amended so as to read as follows: · - Admission mr That upon tho application of the Attorney-General the Secretary of pm9¤¤._ ctc-, bv- the Interior bo, and ho is hereby, authorized and directed to transfer to °°”“"€ ‘““““°- the Government Hospital for tho Insane in the District of Columbia all persons who, having been charged with offonscs against tho United · States, am in tho actual custody of its olilocrs, and all persons who have been or shall be convicted of any offense in acourt of tho United States and are imprisoned in any State prison or penitentiary of anyiStato or Terxitory, and who during the term of their imprisonment have or shall bogomo and bognsauo. ` Buildings and `or the bnil ings and unds of the Government H ital fo1·_ the S*°¤¤d•· Insane, as follows: gm wp For general repairs and improvements, ton thousand dollars. For spooial improvements, namely: A supply of pure water; and for L Erowalls between sections, twentylivo thousand dollars. Atmmoqen no- To construct such additional accommodations as maybe iondorod °°"“°°""*‘°““· necessary by yu: admission of insane persons hom tho National Homo for Disabled oluutoor Soldiers, and approved by tho board of managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, one hundred and twentylivo thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may bc p,,,,;,,_ necessary: Providod, That tho plans, specifications, and estimates for tho saxho shall be prepared under the supervision of the Architect of tho Capitol, and be approved by tho Secretary of tho Interior; and tho entire cost shall. not exceed tho sum named. · COLUMBIA INSTITUTION Fon THE DEAF AND DUMB. Deaf and dumb: For current expenses of tho Columbia Institution for tho Deaf and Dumb: For support of the ingtitntion, including salaries and incidental expenses, and for books and illustrative apparatus, for general repairs, p,-,,,5,, and improvements, fifty-tivo thousand dollars: Provided, That no more than twenty two thousand dollars of said sum shall be expended-lor salaries and wages. For buildings und grounds of tho Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Fiixahx For the completion of tho farm-born, two thousand dollars; an or e inolosuro and improvement of tho ouuds of hi · tion, ono thousand livo hundred dollars. gr t B mst m