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FORTY -813 VENTII CON GRESS. Sess. I. C11. 433. 1882. 333 may be made to colleges, academics, and other institutions of learning upun the payment by the recipients of the cost of preparation for tramsportuuun and the transportation thereof. For the transter myd preparation of the Philadelphia collections: For Transfer, etc., or expense of transferring; to Washington the collections presented to ghe Phi!“‘l°lPhi" °°*‘ Hunted Stateeat the close of the Permanent International Exhibition 1°°°°"°’ °t°' 111 Phxladelphxa, including necessary expenses already incnured for the purpose, ten thousand dollars. For_ the purchase of the plates and manuscript 011 the insects of Purchase or Amemcn from Professor Townend Glover, seven thousand five hundred Pl‘*'*’°°’» °'°°·· °P i°‘ d011m' sects ofAmcr1ca. UNDER THE POST-OFFICE DEPARTMENT. For the_ Post-Oiiice Department building as follows: Post.-Omee _De- Forjltting up with shelving, casing, and iile-holders the large vacant P'“'*""’“” "“*1d‘ space m the north end of the basement of the Post:-Oiiice Department mg' buildmg, to be used as 0 files-division, five thousand dollars. For furniture, carpets, and similar uecessaries for the new building for the money-order office, to be paid from the proceeds of said oiliee, three thousand dollars; and in addition thereto any uuexpeuded balance of appropriation for this purpose, under the act of March iirst, eighteen hundred and eightyone, “ makin g appropriations for the service of the lfost-Odlee Department for the fiscal year ending June ihirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, and for other purposes", which is hereby continued and made available. To mee: the expenses at transferring the money-order division from ·r r- a ¤ S r e ; pr nts present temporary quarters to the new building to be completed in !¤°¤°Y·°¤*°* d*“¤· October next, one thousand dollars.’°“‘ For repairs to copper roof and stone coping of the Post-Office Department building, two thousand dollars. For concrete and sumepavementsfor moms and corridors in the basement story of the Post-Oihee Department building one thousand dollars. · For a passenger elevator for the Post-Olllce Department building P••¤¤¤8•¥ °l°· seven thousand five hundred dollars. “°°" To enable the Postmaster-General to carry into effect the provisions L,w,,..,,,,.,;m_ of the act approved August second, eighteen hundred and eightyawo, Additional upentitled “An act to amend sections three and four of the act of February P¤>1>¤¤*i¤¤· twentyhrst, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, to iix the pay of lettercarriers, and for other purposes”, two hundred thousand dollars, in addition to the amount appropriated for payment of16K2t0I-02.l1'i0PS3Dd the ° incidental expenses of the free-delivery system by an act making np? propriations itu- the service of the Post:-Othee Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ei gbty-tlu·ee, and for other purposes, approved May fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two. That the appropriation made in section one of the act approved May fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty two, “making appropriations for the service of the Post Oihce Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty three, and for other purposes," for the manufacture of stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers, ns hereby made available, so far as ueeegsary, for the purchase ot letter- Lomrdmt 8h_ sheet envelopes on which p0st¤€:s|:amps of the denominations now m vcgopa, m_ use on ordinary envelopes shall placed. _ _ _ And the Postmaster General is hereby authorized, in Ins dnseretnou, to ;,,m,.,,,,c,,u,,g urehase, out of the appropriation of tiiteed thousand dollars for mark- and £g•t·n»m·king gg and rating stamps for the fiscal year exgbteeu hundred and exghty 3:; °}¤°•» P*¤'· three, in the act of May fourth, eighteen hundred and exghty two, hm ‘ lettercaueeling and post; marking machines, at a price not exceedmg thru hundred and May dollars each: ‘