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340 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 433. 1882. J- W- Pctfift- To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay J. W. Petfift, a messenger appointed under resolution of the House of April 2K*‘$°.‘}z°i€i{§°§ "“"‘1f.?" it $ig”3"“"°’ Fm *’?’fii’f§‘ '£‘°“°"g°' fi? e o ppom en _ e rmina ion o e rs session o e Forty-seveggh Congress, and a sum sufficient to pay the same is hereby . approprxa Fgmk am, To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives, in the execution ‘.§fg}.*i§- £%*3'Z‘.}3‘3?.3£25‘u‘}E§.?€f 2¥g}`.‘t2‘2$."h*‘§3‘£a.¥‘g‘}i”°‘?"t'€“£“’°“ i“£ _ - _ u an e1g y- wo re a 1e_gBt;> the empgoymegt of sir1masle;1$tito the Journal clerk fe; the House o presen a ves, pay t or services rendered m the fifth of December, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, to the thirteenth of June, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, at a per diem of six dollars; and in the execution of the resolution of the sixteenth of February, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, relating to the employment of an assistant Jumsll. Davies. clerk to the Committee on Claims, to pay James R. Davies for services rendered from the sixth day of January, eighteen hundred and eighty- two, the fifteenth day of February, eighteen hundred and eighty-two ;

 in tl; executnoel of tee tresolutgm of thteh twentieth day of June,

eigteenu aneig -woretinto l tfalk Arthur Van to the Committee on Mines and Nlinin gr av i\$·tlm;¥Tl:hnVdorhg(il.>r voums. . d gv P . _ servicesren ered the tenth day of January, eighteen hundred and

¥‘l1W-hW0,:(zl¥»;18 nineteegthfday of June, eighteen hgndred and eighty-

_ eecha samera o com nsa'onas't sessi the Sum ogi twoftl:leusand1tiireel;_uIi1t;’1dre<dl and siitlyegourodollargg _ eexecu one eresouiono et irtydirstdayof July eightee

 Richard-   and eighty-two, relating to the payment of Robert Richgrdsoh

ter ssligessenger m the (rlerk s office, to_pay Robert Richardson ‘ .° §T.i““m“§§“.2}3¥?{h‘§$.i‘};1‘§°‘§?i?.‘L?."..y°“ bi 'i.‘£‘;.““‘i*““d“.td°‘ _ _ · mg ~ n un and seventy-six, to the thirteenth day of October, eighteen hundred and . gyepty-seven, eight hundred and twenty-six dollars and twenty-nine George Q. cm. To pay George Q Cannon salary, mileage, and allowance for ¤f“*· papers and stationery for the forty-seventh Congress, from March fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, up to and including April nineteenth eighteen hundred and eighty-two, the date of the decision of his contest for a seat in the House of Representatives, deducting any sums he may have already received on account from the Sergeant-at-Arms of the gy or the Clerk of the House, a sufficient sum is hereby appropri- Civilaerviee, ToenabletheI’residenttocarryoutthe' fl ti - IL B. 1753, 312. teen hundred and !ifty-three of the Revised Sgargnwteghgstlfe Chcitgdlwtgld, to promuete the egiciency of the and official accountability, fifteen ensand ollars. ”‘ ”· ‘°‘“‘°°“· i..f§§“¥·’Z£t£; £f.‘.”°1‘t§€£§“£F“°‘“a£‘i'3.'L%“°3°“'“§°'"“ ‘“ " °‘°"‘ _ 0110 3 ' mymshrez Scene Sec. 2. That the Assistant Secretaries]authori;e<i’lt€>;p‘gbli:$d in" NB'$“y'“D °':'n':‘l the War and Navy Departments shall perform such duties as may be mum dum; prescribed by the respective Secretaries, or may be required b law- - and if such Assistant Secretari h ‘ · y ’ cess of the Senate th _ la _ es s all be first appointed during the renext mmm of the sexes; nes may be paid them until the end of the Timeformaking S20. 4. That the limitation of time for co t t' f

{;0*3°*:) buildings as provided by “An act making applrorgfiatlignstorgrzddgggi

Distric, of C0,u§u; the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia for the li ms, ggtgndcd cal year ending June thirticth eighteen hundred and i h th B- for other ” 7 · E g ty ml and t b purposes, approved July first, eighteen hundred and en hty dv;:, aehaeggee-gems is hereby, extended to October iirst eighteen hun- Approved, August 7, 1882.