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346 _ FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 439-441. 1882. hw'} ¤¤5i ludiwd; ices rendered and supplies furnished under directions of the Indian Bu. ’°P°’“t0’,‘:° 1:;*:; reau or any of its agents; and in cases where said services and supplies E,°:°gm,_ are found to have actually been applied to the benefit of the Indians to report to Congress the balances equitably due on said accounts respectively, notwithstanding no sufficient appropriation existed. Approved, August 7, 1882. August 7, 1882. CHAP. 440.-An act relinquishing the title which still remains in the United States r··*‘·""""""‘- toall lots or rtions of ground which lie within the limits of the present city of Burlington, Shiite of Iowa, to the said city of Burlington. · Be it enactedby the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ I3: *1*38 Ez? d States of America an Congress assembled, That all the title which still re- Smtgétloaknzs mains in the United States to any lots or portions of ground which lie ,,5;;,;,, umn-, of within the lnmts of the present city of Burlington, in the State of Iowa, _ city_of, relin· is hereby relmquished to the said city of Burlington, to be disposed of

  • 1*******- as the corporate authorities thereof may deem proper; but this relinquishment shall in no manner impair the legal rights of third parties

therein, but shall be subject to any such rights, if any such rights exist. Approved, August 7, 1882. . AHKUM 7, 1882- CHL}'. 44].-An act to amend section forty-four hundred, of title fifty twonf the ’·‘_-"‘i‘ Revised Statutes of the United States, concerning the regulation of steanvvessels. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of ‘Representatives 0 th Un `ted B- géd?00. 85*5. States oI;£°Ag•erica in Oemgress assembled, That section forty-fofir hundred ""“"R°gu,“,°n of of the _ vmedStatutes of the United States be amended and enlarged ,;,1t,,,§.,z;,,,r;,ém by adding thereto at the end of said section, as it now appears, the , words: , . B- $· MIB, Wi “And all foreign private steam-vessels carryin fro “` K S_ ,42, 85.,2 _ g passengers n1 any · port of the United States to any other place or count h ll be b' g' g g of to the provisions of sections forty-four hundred andrys:vgntem?tfo`i·(iicyY R. S. AQL, 857. four hundred and eighteen, forty-four hundred and twenty~one, forty- £- S: 3;*:, g four hundred and twenty-two, forty-four hundred and twenty-three, forty- B: 8 mg; 8% four hundred and twenty four, forty-four hundred and seventy,forty-four § E :771 g and seventyone, forgyrfomr hunldreél acnd seiventytwo, forty-four un an seven--hree oy-our nnre an seve_ -‘ { . g- g· % four hundred and eighty-two, forty-four hundred and eighty-Eight, fdgy · B; S; uw; wa four hunched and eightymine, forty-four hundred and ninety six, forty-

g_ gm, gw_ four hundred and ninety seven, forty-four hundred and ninety-nine and

g.' g g, £. forty jive hundred of this title, and shall be liable to visitation and in- Rl B my Sd spection by the proper officer, in any of the ports of the United States, ,.,m;,”_ * · respecting any of the provisions o the sections afcresaid,” Provided, - That the terxrtrrlocal ralspectorf F used in th; foregoing section it mean e specia inspectors ereinaftcr provided for. sP3cI;£1°¤ of t hSn;,t2£hThSaét= gi; the p f into eifect the provisions of _ ryo e asurysa a o'tfii .tbed '- compensation. p]a(te‘<gaa.sdsmmspeet0m of folreignlsteam-»?§ss$s, 4;;::5) 0 per annum ece an th shall be ' €ld;c•;i·•smat)t_hI•;8pprt of Sew Ycrliilsix; atrihc port ofpB)3sub:;? tdosgugt unore wo· a rt Ph`! d l h‘ . mm,. port of New Orleans, thro; sind at theoport, of Sh: Igrgnzisctydhg? the Sec. 8. The special inspectors of foreign steanrvcsscls shail perform the duties of their otllcc and make reports thereof to the Supervising Inspector—Geueml of Steam-Vessels under such regulations as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. · B°“**· . Sec. 4. That each special inspector of foreign steamwessels shall execute a proper bond, to be approved by tho Secretary of the Treasury in such tcrm aud upon such conditions as the Secretary may prescribe; for the faithful performance of the duties of his officc.