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FOBTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Gu. 445-447. 1882. 349 Also to the "S01diers’ Monument; Association of the City of Utica," S<>W¤¤‘¤’ NQ¤¤· New York, four condemned cast iron cannon, of twenty-four or thirty- Qgm ‘§'°‘Q"Pt‘°“* two pouudcrs, and spherical shot: for the use and udormuent of the l°°’" soldiers monument in the city of Utica. and State of New York. Also, that the Secretary of Wznr ba, and he is hereby, authorized and Post 208, G. A. directed to tum ovcr to post numbered two hundred and eight, Grand R-» N°W B"iKh*°¤» Army of the Republic, at New Brighton, Pennsylvania, four condemned P“‘? cast iron cmmon and fom- cannon-bulls, for monumental purposes. Also, two condemned cast:-iron cannon, with four cannon balls, to Post orG.A. R., the Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, ut Georgetown, Massa- G<=·>¤"z;¤ t 0 W ¤· chusctts for monumental purposes. Mass.; Also flour condemned cast;·iron cannon und ibm- cannon balls for G. A. R. Pos, Grand Army of the Republic Post ut Whitehaven Pennsylvania, Also, Whi*¤h¤*'¢¤» PH-9 same for Grand Army of the Republic Post; at Danville, Pennsylvania. Dgvim gh ?°"* Also, four condemned cast-iron cannon mud twelve cannon balls to Edwin, M. `énmgw gig? Mb Eta1;_t0n Post; of the Grand Army of the Republic, ut §<;;•ui;);¤::;£LAbK» _ tcu ni0 or monumental purposes. • " Also, fom?, condemned mst-iron cannon and four cannon balls for Daungum Pm, Dahlggin P3st,hGraud Army of the Republic, New York Uity,ibr mon- %)rkAéit§-» N°W umeut an ot cr purposes * _ Also four condemned cast-iron cannon and twelve cannon balls for _G. A. R.Ass0ci:ny Englewood, Illinois, Grand Army of the Republic Association, for mon- *1011, E¤1;|¤W<><¤L umental purposes. . HL ’ Approved, AugusH, IQ2. *Q ¢HAP. I4G.——A¤ thfdtfbe $\l5¤’t|I'ID of ml? in the Indian Territory. August 7, 1682. · Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Oopgress assembled, That tho legislative council of M=}¤¤f•¤=p¤r¤ of the Cherokee Nation may execute a lease of the salinas or salt deposits ;‘::r'“ ::";::d'£°:2, on the plains, not to exceed three in number, located on the lands of Ch,,{,k,° Nw0n_ the Cherokee Nation lying west of the ninety-sixth degree of longitude Lum ar mrc doin the Indian Territory, and so much land connected therewith as may 1¤¤i*¤· bo necessary for the working of tho sauna, for a period of not exceeding twenty years, with right of a highway for ingress and egress, to bc reserved for such purpose and to facilitate the manufacture of salts, and the conditions of which lease shall insure the payment to the Cherokee national authorities of a royalty of not less than one dollar Rgyglty W um, per ton; said lease being subject to such conditions and tp the proper jurisdiction of the Cherokee national legislature, and sand lease gud _ conditions subject to the approval of the Secretary of the .IIlt€l'l01‘: _ Provided, That the proceeds of such royalty from the jnanutucturc of mmm salt shall be an addition to the educational fund of and nation: And ,0 cdnwticml urovidad further That said salines shall continue subject to any rights fund, etc. `cf the United Santos under sections fifteen and sixteen of the treaty of 14 Stat., 790. July nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, with thepherukcc Indians; and said lease or leases shall be liable to revocation by the legislative council of the Cherokee Nation gud thp_Secrcta.ry of the Interior for the non-performance of any of sand conditions. Approved, August 7, 1882. CHAP. 447.-··An act to amend the first subdivision of section twenty-Evo hundred gud 5*18****5 71 1882- zifxsygight. of the Revised Statutes of the United States, tmc thirty-four, collectmn ·······‘*‘*"""‘ u nu on nmpom Ba it enacted by the Senate and House of Representation of Haq Qnitad States of Amnim in Congress assembled, That tha iir¤t_ subdivision of ugh $12569, 509. section twcngy-ive hundred and sixtyeight of the Revised Statutes of Collection di n_ the United utc: be amended Igasn-iking therefrom thqwords “gn mc., of New O,. Missouri" Swallowing the words “ int Louis," and by adding to and xmas.