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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. L Ch. 448. 1882. 359 From Grantsville to “The Forks! _M¤¤fl¤¤d·C°¤· From Drawbridge to E11iott’s Island. tm""? From Kent Island to Shipping Creek. From Eden to Upper Irappe. _ From Frederick to Harmony. From Laurel via Highland Sympsouville to o1a.rk¤v111e. MASSACHUSETTS. M¤¤¤¤¤1¤¤¤¤¤¢¤s From Mar-shileld to Brant Bock. MICHIGAN. Michigmr; From Cadillac to Section 28, T. 21 N., B. 12 W. From Kalkaska, via Lodi, Ivan, and Wellington, to Pere Cheney. From Central Lake to Elmira. _ From Tawas City, via the Tawas and Bay County Railroad and Prescott, to Maple Ridge. From New Haven Center to Carson City. From Nashville, via Maple Grove and Lacey, to Assyria; From Coldwater, via Mattison, to Colon. From Vermontville, via Bismarck, Shaytown, Suniield, Hoytville, and Roxana, to Charlotte. From Somerset Center to Liberty. From Grass Lake via Waterloo and Muuith, to Henrietta. {From West Brarrelyvia Slayton, Dnnon, Hannon, to the county-seat 0 030048 my._ . • From Cross Vilwe, via the Smtekoad, to Harbor Springs. From Pickford esttohaceoline (rr. o.). From Boyne Falls to East Jordan. From Lewis Neighborhood, section thirty-six, township of Riga, Lenawee County, to Sylvania, Ohio. From 1l;rild£egon,_vi3 Jericho, toéfrentr d San to m o via ramhap, rbsmr, an gu , Douglas. From Strickland, via Duskville and Rowhrd, to Millbrook. FromCadillac,viaCollinsandBoo toSpringville. ‘ From Union City, via Abscota and Est Le Boy, to Pine Creek. From Union City, via North Batavia, and Kattison, to Bronson. I•‘romWestLeBoytoEastLeBoy. From Damon to Harmon. From Harmon to Mio. MISSISSIPPI. Miminippi ; From Yazoo City, via Satartia to Dick. From Tchula to Marksville. From Meridian, via Collins Store, Battlefield, Watkinsville, Laurel Hill, to Edinburgh. From Shnbuta to Isney, Alabama. From Jonestown, via Gleason’s and Neal’s Ferry, to Mastodon. i From E8a¥ll1l·!lZ8, via '1‘haxton’s Store, to 'lloccopola. From B dwyu to Dumas. _ From Como to Longtown From Michigan City, via Maxwe1l’s Store, to Ashland. From Graball to Dublin. From De Kalb to Hopper’s Mill , From Indian Bayou, via Saint’s Rest and Key West, to Rosedale. From Johnsonville, via Gnmwood, to Kinloch. From Noxapater to Patentville. From Scooba, via Peel’s Mills, to Gainesville, Alabama. From Macon, via Stone, to Franconia, Alabama. From Waynesboroogh, via Dubois Bridge, Doulton, Aqnilla, smd_Fail, to Silas, Alabama