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1·*0m*Y.sEvEN*m coxemnss. sms. 1. cn. ws, ms. issz. 373 When the mzmufncturer has made the proper entries, filed the bonds, and otherwise complied with the requirements of law and the regulations as herein provided, the collector shall issue to him sx permit for the removal, Permin for m· accurately describing the tobacco, snuif, and cigars, to be shipped, the mowinumber and kinds of packages, the number of pounds, the marks uml brands, the State uml collection district from which the same are shipped, the number of the manufactory and the muumhcturefs mime, the port from which the said tobacco, snuff, and cigars are to be exported, and the route or routes over which the same are to be sent to the port; of shipment. Upon the presentzntiou to the collector- of internal revenue B0,,d,W;,,wm1,., of an detailed report from the inspectors of customs, and a certiiieate of canceled. the collector of customs at the port from which the goods are to be exported that the goods removed from the inmiufacbory under bond and ` described in the permit of the collector of internal revenue have been received by the said collector of customs, and that the said goods were duly laden on board of a foreign-bound vessel, naming the vessel, mul that the said merchandise was entered on the outward manifest of said vessel, and that the said vessel and cargo were duly cleared from said port, und on the payment of the tax or deficiency, if any, the bonds, which have been given or shall hereafter be required to be given under the provisions of this section shall be canceled. Every person who, _P¤¤9·1¤y.¤w-iffof with the intent to defraud the revenue laws of the United Stones, relands ;;;“3.°:c‘;fP”'* or causes to be relanded within the jurisdiction of the United Eitatnes ' any manufactured tobacco, snuff, or cigars which have been shipped for exportation under the provisions of this act, without properly entering such tobacco, snuif, or cigars at the custom-house, and paying the proper customs and internal revenue tax thereon, or who receives such relanded tobacco, smut', or cigars, and every person who aids or abets in such relandiug or receiving such tobacco, snuif or mgars, shell, on conviction, be fined not exceeding five thousand dollazrs, or imprisoned not more than three years, and all tobacco, snuff, or engms so relanded l shall be forfeited to the United States." Approved, August 8, 1882. cg.]: ... ion neveu hundred and si six titlehhy An ust8 1882. - *69- Asc:.:: f§f·3`1:u1ge·3sted Smu of the United Statesfty ’ —-£¥--—· Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqzreseqtatives of the United _ States of America to Congress assembled, That sectjion forty-seven hun- mg[1:“:?'P'ffm€:1{_ dred and sixty six, title fifty seven, of the Revised Statutes of the on United States is hereby amended_so as to read as follows: R. B 4766 927

    • Szc. 4766. Hereafter no pension shall be paigi be any person other nmchdédh » ·

than the pensioner entitled thereto, nor otherwise than accordmgto _ the provisions of this title; a.nd no warrant, power of attorney, or other J paper executed or purporting to be executed by any peusmnei; to agy attorney, claim agent, broker, or other person shall be reepgmggd any agent for the payment of peusmns, noi shall any penpxon I pg; Pmskmm uuthereon; bnt the payment po persons labonng under lege disebm es du legal dmbuk may be made to the guardians of such persons m the mmmeni harem um I I prescribed, and pensions payable to persons in foreign coiréntmes maiy f p9,,,,m,,.;-i.;•¤ be made according to the provnsmns of expsting laws: _Pro*v ed, Tlim; in urggzzouu cam of an insane invalid pcnsiouey having Fw 8¤?»’d*a¤» but h“““g “ ;.,,,,u.i www wife or cmnamu dependent upon lnm (the W¤f¤ bing ¤· W°m?»¤ <>f,g<>;>s* ers'; mm. character), the Commissioner of pensions is bergby autlhirized, 1I1d1T discretion, to cause the pension to be paid to tim w e, upo ‘ sgiprogie $8 executed voucher, or in ease there IS no wife, to thehgua din 0 and children, upon the properly-execnted voucher of sue guar aan, r in like manner to cause the pension of mvalui pensioners w o are L1 may hereafter be imprisoned as pumslxmeut ior offenscs agnénst theg laws to be paid while so imprisoned io their vyives or tinési gu; liner; their children. And pensions to Indmn pensioners msn ng in e