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382 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Res. 28. 1882. May 19, 182 [No. 28.4) JOINT RESOLUTION to authorize the Librarian of Congress to accept ———————-—· the Li ng balzjonated to the United States by Doctor Joseph Merideth _ Toner, m n, . . U Resolved by the Senate and House ofRc1>rascntatives of the United States I |:¤*°,,T°”°‘ °°1‘ of America in Congress assembled, Tlmt, whereae, Qoctor Joseph Meri- P,,·jnm°_ eth Toner of the City of Weshxugteu, 111 the D1str1et of Columbm, has ofered to doxmte to the United States, for the use of the public, and for the promotion of literature and science, a large uml valuable collection of books ou medical science and historical and miscellaneous subjects upon certain terms and conditions set forth by him in a memorial ` addressed to Congress, and which is in the following words: ummm, "T0 the Senate and House of Iéqrumstativm (of gw United States of America · · in ongresa assem lc ; The memorial of Doctor Jjoseph Merideth Toner, of the City of Washington in the District 0 olumbia, respectfully shows to your honorable bodies, that he is the owner of a large and valuable collection of books aud pamphlets, about twenty thousand volumes or upwards in · number, treating of medical, scientific, historical, biographical, literary, and miscellaneous subjects, and many of which are very rare and of great interest; and desiring that said collection of books, to the ancumuhntiou of which your memorielist has devoted considerable funds and a large part of his life, should be permanently preserved ond placed where it would be most beneficial to the cause of science and most advantageous to the public, he respectfully offers the said collection to the United States of America, to be placed in the N ntional Library of theiUuitt¢:l Eftaézlesxeg the citpgf Washington, under the management an con _ era.riuuo ongress upon the terms mad conditions wm-", following, which he deems to be reasohable aud just, and which he trusts w11l prove acceptable to your honorable bodies; namely:

tg•;)coHle}c1ti<i:;1_sh;;>]¤;•1¢t[l 1 kept_ separate gud apart Elem the

s m e m e mrymsepata roomsor coves and that it should be known and distinguished as “The Toner Colleetimiég Seeond.-TThat the collection of books and pamphlets be bound, when requiring xt, m :1 umform and substantial manner, and have placed upon the back of each a parchmept band to distinguish- them, and that a device dxstmetwe of the donation be stamped upon the tide page of each, and that they be kept accessible for reference, and be catalogued. as speedily as praeqeable, and when they appear by title in the printed catalogue of the Lxbmry that some letter or symbol indicative of the oollectzaon be used, and that the condition and growth of the collection bcemmade as matter of record m each annual report by the Librarian of _ gress. b°Th1r<t,lIwTl5at the cgltlgettnilou be kept and usedhmuinly for reference, and GODS sugec erulesgoverningteuseo mreboo and be culled upon for service only when no other copy of a. bm or pxarrghlgt for 18 avmlable, and not be taken out of the Library or speexal reasons. · Fourth il Thet your meruorialist should be permitted to make additions to the co ectrou froru time to txme as he may desire, upon the same tems ap herem specriied; aud that he have liberty to insure the perggigugutstcfgrtzefmigmpmvemeut of the collection by the establishment or e purpose. _Your memortalist, while desiring to perpetuate his name in connection Kath the élolhatnon ghich he here proposes to make, believes that the ..¤?’?.$§0¤$’. $".?.1‘¥`!."}‘..".,'°'° ““°"“ ‘5‘." ,%'““'2‘$...t°¤§"°.§.‘i“¤§‘”"" "‘“" ‘ se u u e ' 1:espemu11y s¤1>m1mu,· P0 ° °· m mm · J. M TONER. Lmepnamy _Now, thereforetthe Libmrin.11 of Oongrese is hereby empowered and dxrected to recon e and accept from the smd Doctor Joseph Merideth