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410 ronrrsnvnurn CONGRESS. Suss. II. on. se. 1883. LABORATORY. · Chemicals ,,,4 For chemicals and apparatus for the use of the chemist and microapparatus, labom- scopist, and for necessary expenses in conducting experiments, includ-

  • •>¤‘Y· ing experiments in the manufacture of sugar from sorghum and other

vegetable plants, sixteen thousand dollars. sum) DIVISION. chief of seed For compensation of chief of seed division, one thousand eight hun- •ii'i¤i°¤» °*°· . dred dollars; one superintendent of seed room, one thousand two hundred dollars; four clerks at one thousand dollars each; one clerk at Purchase an d eight hundred and forty dollars; for_the purchase and propagation and <li¤¤‘il>¤*i<>¤ of distribution, as required by law, of seeds, trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, gm `f:c°“°°> °“°' plants, eggs of silk worms, and expenses of putting up the same, to be gs'distributed in localities adapted to their culture, seventy-tive thousand _ dollars. An equal proportion of twothirds of all seeds, plants, and cuttings shall, upon their request, be supplied to Senators, Representatives and Delegates in Congress for distribution among their constituents, or shall, by their direction, be sent to their constituents; and the persons receiving such seeds shall inform the department of the results of Proviso. the experiments therewith: Provided, That all seeds, plants and cuttings herein allotted to Senators, Representatives and Delegates in Congress for distribution remaining uncalled for at the end of the fiscal year shall be distributed by the Commissioner of Agriculture: And provided also, Report of pu1·— That the Commissioner shall report, as provided in this act, the place, °h‘“’°°- quantity, and price of seeds purchased, from whom purchased, and the date of purchase. But nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prevent the Commissioner of Agriculture from sending flower, garden and other seeds to those who apply for the same. And the amount herein appropriated shall not be diverted or used for any other purpose ` but for the purchase, propagation, and distribution of improved and P*‘°W*°· valuable seeds, plants, cuttings and vines: But provided however, That the Commissioner shall not distribute to any Senator, Representative, or Delegate seeds entirely unfit for the climate and locality he represents, but shall distribute the same so that each member may have seeds of equal value, as near as may be, and the best adapted to the locality he represents; in all, eighty-two thousand eight hundred and forty dollars. DIVISION OF AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS. 5;,;;;,;-;.,,, For compensation of one statistician, two thousand five hundred dollars; one clerk of class four, one thousand eight hundred dollars; two · clerks of class three, three thousand two hundred dollars; three clerks of class two, four thousand two hundred dollars; five clerks of class one, six thousand dollars; seven clerks at one thousand dollars each, seven thousand dollars; four clerks at eight hundred and forty dollars each, three thousand three hundred and sixty dollars; two clerks at seven hundred and twenty dollars each, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars; for collecting domestic and foreign agricultural statistics, com— piling, writing, and illustrating matter for monthly annual and special reports, eighty thousand dollars. Said reports shall give full statements, monthly, showing freight-charges and cost of carriage for the chief agricultural products upon the principal lines of railroads and waterroutes to the principal markets in the United States; in all, one hundred and nine thousand five hundred dollars. _ FURNITURE, CASES, AND REPAIRS. nspaamq rm-ni- For repairs of building, heating apparatus, furniture, carpets, and tm, ctc. matting, water and gas pipes, and soforth, six thousand dollars.