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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. Ch. 56. 1883. 425 For the interpreter to the legation at Japan, two thousand ilve hundred dollars. d For salary of clerk to legation in Central America, one thousand _ Czrktoale§•.tioxi_ 0 2.1*8. in en mer- _For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse proper, and of all the mzontingent exxmssions abroad, eighty Eve thousand dollars. P°“°°°· For secretaries of legation and consuls-general at Vienna, Rome, and Secretaries0f1e- Constantinople, at three thousand five hundred dollars each, and for s¤*¤°¤» **:1* °°¤· secretary of legation and consul general at Madrid, three thousand dol- ““1“`g°“°' ‘ lars, thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. Scnnntmn B. d For salary of the agent and consul-general at Cairo, five thousand wConsular servo lars 1 - For the consuls-general at London, Paris, Havanaé and Rio de Janeiro six thousand dollars. each, twenty four thousan dollars, For the consuls-general at Calcutta and Shanghai, five thousand dollars each, ten thousand dollars. For the consul-general at Melbourne, four thousand five hundred dollars For the consuls-general at Berlin, Kanagawa, and Montreal, each, four thousand dollars, twelve thousand dollars, · _ For the consuls·genera1 at Saint Petersburg, Frankfort, and Hahfax, at three thousand dollars each, nine thousand dollars, For consnlgeneral at Mexico, two thousand doHars, For the consul at Liverpool, six thousand dollars. _ For salaries of consuls, vice-consuls, commercial agents, and thirteen consnlar clerks, three hundred and thirty thousand six hundred dollars, namely:» _ CLASS I,-At four thousand dollars per annum, c|¤¤¤0¤¤· GREAT BRITAIN', Hong-Kong, _ · HAWAIIN ISLANDS,- Honolulu, CLASS II-At three thousand five hundred dollars per annum, Ginn hw- CHINA, Foochow; Hankow; Canton; Amoy; Tien-Tsin; Chin·Kiang; , Ninzw- · · PERU, Callao. Cmss III.-—-At three thousand dollars, per annum, clmthna. - GREAT BRITAIN, Ottawa; Manchester; Glasgow; Bradford; Demerara; Belfast. FRENCH DOMINIONS, _ vm SPANISH DOMINIONS. Hatanzas. • . FRIENDLY AND NAVIGATOWS ISLANDS. °’”°’ nmxrco, ‘ V Cruz, sn UNITED STATES OF COLOMBIA, ` Panama; Colon; (Aspinwall).