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436 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 61. 1883. fifty-tive, and third article of treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty-fom-, twenty thousand dollars; ` For the support of a school or schools upon said reservation, during the pleasure of the President, in accordance with third article of treaty gf March nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, four thousand - ollars; in all, twenty-tive thousand dollars; I cmppewéutfkn- CHIPPEWAS, PLLLAGERS, AND LAKE WINNEBAGOSHISH BANDS. LKOII, lll _ 8 m:£‘_°°“g°“h‘“h For twentyninth of forty installments of annuity, in money, per w gm, l16g_ tlégduarticle of greaty of february twentysecond, eighteen hundred and I3Stet.,694. il · ve an t ird artic e of treaty of May seventh eighteen hundred · and sixty-four, ten thousand six hundred and dollars and sixty- six cents · For twenty-ninth ot forty installments of annuity, in goods, per same articles of same treaties, eight thousand dollars; For twenty-ninth of forty installments, for purposes of utility, per same articles of same treaties, four thousand dollars; For ninth of ten installments, last series, for purposes of education, per same articles of same treaties, two thousand five hundred dollars; in all, tgentydlve thousand one hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty- six cen . Choctaw:. CHOGTAWS. . Ifernanent an- _ For permanent annuity, per second article of treaty of November ¤'¥*S¥“ 99 sixteenth, eighteen hundred and live, and thirteenth article of treaty of .,1 Sd, 6;, ggne twentysecond, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, three thousand HMB) [ 7 Stn., 213. For permanent annuity for support of light horsemen per thirteenth H 8****-» 61*- art(;cle_of treafyaugjtgcwhegnghmgnh, eighteen hundred and twenty, an een c e o ty o une twenty-second eighteen hundred and fifty-tive, six hundred dollars; _ ’ · 13|;g{;_’ For permanent annuity, for support of blacksmith, per sixth article Z1 sgié; ish of treaty of October eighteenth, eighteen hundred and twenty, ninth- ' §2°11‘;.?f t"°°°».a..’.t$.".1“S‘;.*},i§’.°?i§’1f£€,*“al°‘3*’.‘3.E2°‘£ *.§“L"‘“"‘ tid *"£{’*" _ w n y·seco ei een hugllred and iiftiy-tive, six thundred dollars; · g or permaneu annuity, or education per second and thirteenth article; of last two tgeatiestnraiined abovehsix thousand dollars; — or permanen annui or iron an steel per ninth article of treat

 twentiietrh, eighteen hundreld and twenty-five, and thirteenth.

0 treatyo une enty-secon eightee h dred dfifty-fi tlufee and twenlty dollars; 1 g B ml an vc, orm resonthree un andnine th dtw h dred ilfty-seven dollars and ninety-two cents, alsyii veopgsitucentuini pnelr annhlrht for education, support of the government, and other beneficial purposes, under the direction of the general council of the Choctaws, in conformity with the provisions contained in the ninth and thirteenth articles of treaty of January twentieth, eighteen hundred and twentydive, and treaty of June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and ufty-five, nineteen thousand five hundred and twelve dollars and eighty-nine cents; in all thirty thousand and thirty-two dollars and eighty-nine cents. . Creeks. UBEEKS. mE¤u¤=¤¤¤¤*¤ ¤¤~ For permanent annuity, in money, per fourth article ot: treaty of 7g2M' ,,6 August seventh, seventeen hundred and ninety and fifth article of u 8,,,;, my treaty of August seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, one thousand five hundred dollars; 1 stat., ee. For permanent annuity in money per second arti l f t t f J 11 Stat., 700- sixteenth, eighteen hundrlzd and twh, and fifth artigld of tlreeaisgyoof XI: gust seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, three thousand dollars;