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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. Gl. 1883. 449 boundary of the State of Kansas, and near the Ponca. and Pawnee reservations, and for the instruction therein of such children of the Indian tribes located in the Indian Territory as were then least provided for under the then existing laws or treaties, is hereby reappropriated and made immediately available for the completion and furnishing of - the school building and erection of outhouses, near Arkansas City · For support of the industrial school near Arkansas City, twenty thou- Appropriationssand dollars; and said sum shall be disbursed upon the basis of an allowance of not exceeding two hundred dollars for the support and education of each scholar. For support of industrial school for Indians at Genoa Nebraska School M G°“°°· twenty thousand dollars; and said sum shall be disbursed upon the N°br‘ basis of an allowance of not exceeding two hundred dollars for the support and education of each scholar. . For care, and support, and education of Indian children at industrial, S¤PP°T* ood pdagriculturahor mechanical schools other than those herein provided for, “,‘;$°“ °ftc[“d‘““ •in any of the States of the United States, at a cost ofnot exceedingone ° r°°' ° ' hundred and sixty seven dollars for each child, seventy-tive thousand dollars; and of this amount not exceeding ten thousand dollars may be used for transportation of Indian children to and from said schools and also for the placing of children from all the Indian schools with the consent of their parents under the care and control of such suitable white families as may in all respects be qualitied to give such children moral, industrial and educational training for a term of not less than three years under arrangements in which their proper care, support and education shall be in exchange for their labor, For purchase of stock cattle or sheep for Indian tribes not otherwise Pufchm °f¤*>°°k provided for by treaty, fifty thousand dollars °“*° °°’ “h°°Y’*°*°‘ For pure vaccine matter and vaccination of Indians eight hundred Voooipo dollars - Telegraphing and making purchases of Indian supplies: To pay the _P¤¤=!¤¤¤q of Iuexpenses of purchasing goods and supplies under contract for the In- d*‘“' ‘“PP1‘°’· dian service, including rent of warehouse and pay of necessary employees in New York, advertising for said service at rates notexceeding regular commercial rates, inspection, and all other expenses connected therewith, including telegraphing, forty thousand dollars, ro amine me smear-y or the iummr to defray the me ommoviug ,m{·¤g;c¤¤ of I¤- Indians and property in consolidating agencies ten thousand dollars. °’_ To enable the Secretary of the Interior to establish the Turtle Mount- ’b T'5’*}§.Mg‘$*“° ain band of Chippewas in permanent homes on homesteads upon the PW public lands, and to purchase stock, implements, and other necessaries, ten thousand dollars, of which a sum not exceeding one thousand dol- . lars may be expended in defraying the expenses of such of said Indians as are now in Washington City, _ · - For the purpose of enabling the Secretary of the Interior to con- 2i Shi-im tinueto carry out the provisions of the act of June fifteenth, eighteen hundred and ei2ht.V» "mtifying the agreement submitted by the confederated bands of Ute Indians in Colorado, for the sale of their reservation in said State, and for other purposes, and to make the necessary appropriations for carrying out the same" five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be taken from moneys appropriated by said act and remaining unexpended; and the commission mc C _ _ appointed under said act, and known as the Ute Commission, is hereby ab°mhe;¤m*¤'°° abolished to take effwt March fifteenth eighteen hundred and eighty three, And the Secretary of the Interior, with the consent of the Ute _ Indians, may instead of paying to said Indians the fifty thousand dol- stock in neu of lars provided by the agreement incorporated in the above named act in ¤¤¤¤¤¥· cash, per capita, pay the same in stock, or such other property as the Secretary of the Interior and said Indians may agree upon, T dm- For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to enable ul omgymw the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to employ temporarily sunlcieut xxir.-29 »