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FOBTYSEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 61, 64. 1883. 451 when necessary, specified employees may be detailed for other service when not required for the duty for which they were engaged; and that the several appropriations herein made for millcrs, blacksmiths, engi- C°¥’¤°i¤ °PP’°‘ neers, carpenters physicians, and other persons, and for various arti- §¥“;'::':,S 6I{'“y b° cies provided for by treaty stipulation for the several Indian tribes may W Ec` be diverted to other uses for the benefit of the said tribes, respectively, within the discretion of the President and with the consent of said tribes, expressed in the usual manner; and that he cause report to be made to Congress, at its next session thereafter, of his action under this provision. Sec. 6. That the President may, in his discretion, consolidate two or Consolidation of more agencies into one, and where Indians are located on reservations “g°“°‘“> °t°· created by executive order, he may, with the consent of the tribes to be affected thereby, expressed in the usual manner, consolidate one or more tribes, and abolish such agencies as are thereby rendered unnecessary; and preference shall at all times, as far as practicable, be given to Indians in the employment of clerical, mechanical, and other help on reservations and about agencie . Sec. 7. That whenever, after advertising for bids for supplies in ac- Bids for supcordancc with section three of this act, those recived for any article P]!°“;;:g°·· 'MY b° contain conditions detrimental to the intrest of the government, they r°·]°° ' may be rejected and the articles specified in such bids purchased in open market at prices not to exceed those of the lowest bidder, and not to exceed the market price of the same, until such time as satisfactory - bids can be obtained, for which immediate advertisement shall be made, Sec. 8. That any disbursing or other officer of the United States or _Mi¤repl-mentaother person who shall knowingly present, or cause to be presented, any F¤°¤ **¤*°f’*°*» *2*-» voucher, account, or claim to any officer of the United States for ap- gm?,?, ;,°;'1‘;i;f: proval or payment, or for the purpose of securing a credit in any account Pgugltyj ' with the United States, relating to any matter pertaining to the Indian service, which shall contain any material misrepresentation of fact in ‘ regard to the amount due or paid, the name or character of the article furnished or received, or of the service rendered, or to the date of pur- _ chase, delivery, or performance of service, or in any other particular, shall not be entitled to payment or credit for any part of said voucher, account, or claim; and if any such credit shall be given or received, or payment made, the United States may recharge the same to the officer or person receiving the credit or payment, and recover the amount from either or from both, in the same manner as other debts due the United States are collected; Provided, That where an account contain more Proviaoo. than one voucher the foregoing shall apply only to such vouchers as contain the misrepresentation; And provided further, That the officers and persons by and between whom the business is transacted shall bepresumed to know the facts in relation to the matter set forth in the voucher, account, or claim: And provided further, That the foregoing shall be-in addition to the penalties now prescribed by law, and in no wayto affect proceedings under existing law for like offenses. That, where practicable, this section shall be printed on the blank forms of vouchers provided for general use, Approved, March 1, 1883. CHAP. 64.-—An act to prevent the importation of adulterated and spurious Teas. Mar. 2, 1883. Be it enacted the Senate and House of Representative: of the United _ _ _ States of Amerilgz in Congress assembled, That from and after the pas- h52gb1g3g:: gg sage of this act it shall be unlawful for any person or persons or cor- adulugfwd an d poration to import or bring into the United States any merchandise for ,,,,,,,0,;,, t,,,, sale as tea, adulterated with spurious leaf or with exhausted leaves, or which contains so great an admixture of chemicals or other deleterious