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460 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 93, 04. 1883. Proving ud For transporting, mounting, proving, and testing guns, including

            • 8 ¤'m°· small-arms constructed at private expense, said expenditure to be made

in the discretion of the Secretary of Wm·, fifteen thousand dollars. Metallic ammu- For manufacture of metallic ammunition for small arms, one hundred ¤ifi¤¤- thousand dollars. Tmgen practice. For amrgunition, tools, and material for target practice, twenty-five thousand dollars. ~ Mmnmiug, eco., For mounting and dismouuting guns and removing the armament SM from forts being modified or repaired, including heavy carriages returned to arsenals for alteration and repairs, and other necessary expenses of the same character, and for repairing ordnance and ordnance stores in the hands of troops and for issue at the arsenals and depots, Extra-duty psy- and for extra,-duty pay for enlisted men detailed for ordnance service, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Onlusncesmru. For purchase and manuiéueture of ordnance S{Ei0I‘0S, to fill requisitions of troops one hundred an fifteen thousand dollars. Infantry, etc., For infantry, cavalry, and artillery equipments, consisting of clothing- °‘1“'P¤°¤*¤- bags, haversacks, csmteens, and greats-coat straps, and repairing horse ’ equipments for cavalry troops, sevinty-five thousand dollars. For horse equipments for réavalry, harness for iield and machine guns, ` and for cavalry forge-carts orty thousand do lars. Preservation of For overhuuling, cleaning, and preserving new ordnance stores on °'d““¤°° mm- hand at the arsenals, twenty thousand dollars. Manufacture of For manufacture of arms at national armories, four hundred thousand

  • 3*- , dollars: Provided That not more than fifty thousand dollars of this amount

°°"°' may be expended by the Secretary of War in the manufacture or purchase of magazine guns selected by the board of officers heretofore mm. appointed by the Secretary of War: Provided, That not more than sixty- five thousand/dollars of the money appropriated for the Ordnance Dep{1rmnent, in ag its branches, shall be applied to the payment of civilian . c erks in said eparhneut. '!'¤¤ti¤g mu- UNITED STATES TEST}NG~MACHINE.—FOT e-ming for, preserving, °h$:km Ar using, and operating the United States tcsting—machine at the Waternm "°town Arsenal, ten thousand dollars: Provided, That the tests of iron num, and steel and other materials for industrial purposes shall be continued

 during the next fiscal year, and report thereof shall be made to Gou-

,?::•:°· M fm gress: And provided further, That in making tests for private citizens Pinto the officer in charge may require payment in advance, and may use the funds so received in making such private tests, making full report thereof to the Chief of Ordnance; and the Chief of Ordnance shall give at- A _ &d lsention {0 such programme of tests as may be submitted by the Amer- Cty mfffzn gi; man Society of Civil Engineers, and the record of such tests shall be uoc;` furnished said society, to beby them published at their own expense. Disbursenmtot Sm. 2. That all oflloers, agents or other persons receiving public ¤¤9¤:i ¤¤ •P1¤¤· moneys appropriated by this act shall account for the disbursement Pm thereof according to the several and distinct items of appropriation erem expressed. · Approved, March 3, 1883. Mar. 3, 1883. CHAP. 94.-Au not "to authorise the construction of a bridge across the 'Phnmes --i——-—— River, neu- New London in the State of Connecticut, uml declare it u post-mute" Be it enacted by the Senate and Hmm: of Representatives of the United Construction of Hmm; of America in Congress assembled, That the bridge across the ,;*,;;*5;; ¤¢;5:j;¤ Ehames Rl;§P,é1€i bC}0K Wintgroph Point, md£so£cro? any inlet ’ ereo , m e u o ‘onnec cut, to cons ct un‘ er an b 0mm' virtue of joint resolution of the legislature of the State of Conuecticul entitled “A resolution authorizing the New York, Providence und B0s· ton Railroad Conipuuy to budge the Thames River, and to extend its 1ines”, passed ut its January session, eighteen hundred und eighty-two,