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FORTY SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 27. 1882. 25 SOUTH CAROLINA _ South Caroline; From Duntonsville, via James H. Strom’s, to Kirkseys. From Allendale, via Dr. \Veekley’s, to Buford’s Ridge From Bambur, via Butler l\IcMillan’s and Calhoun Breland’s, at Three Mile Creek, to River’s Bridge From Monticello to Salem Cross-Roads, Yorkville, via Samuel J ones’, to Soudersville From Black’s Station, via Mercer’s and Smith Ford, to Etta Jane. From Nichols to Little Rock, via Gaddy’s Mills. From Bennettsville, South Carolina, to Laurenburg, North Carolina, via John G. Fletcher’s Store. From Laurel Hill, North Carolina, to Bennettsville, South Carolina, via John G. Fletehcr’s Store. From Laurenburg, North Carolina, to Red Bluff, South Carolina From Mullln’s Depot, South Carolina, to Alfordsville, North Carolina. From Chesterheld Court·House via Sugar Loaf, Jas. W. Ousley, and John G. Johnson, to Hartsville. From Rome to Choppee. From Irvington, Chesterneld County, to Hornsborough. From Mayesville to Kingstree From Columbia, across Broad River, via Pellwood (N. O.), in Lexington County, Countsville, and Pine Ridge, in Lexington County, to \Vessinger’s Store, in Newberry County. From Mullin’s, via D. D. McDui’fie’s, Elly Hay’s, Hazy Swamp, and J. H. Staii'ord’s, to Alfordsville, North Carolina. ‘ From Mullin’s via D. D. McDuBie’s and Elly Hay’s to Kentyre’s From Pickens Court House to Burroughs Mill. From Monterey, via Dry Grove, to Euright’s Store, Abbeville County. From Martin’s Depot, via Mountville and Milton, to Martin’s Depot. From N ine Times in South Carolina via McKinney, Cane Greek, Fly Top, and Horse Pasture to Taxaway in North Carolina. TENNESSEE. Tennessee; From Charleston, via IIines’ Store, to Brittsville From Ricevillo, via Wamack, to Big Spring. From Spring Hill to Santa Fe. From Boston to Santa Fe. From Dowelltown to Pekin. From Blairsvillc, via Smit.h’s Store and Clarby’s Mills, to Duektown. From Chitwood to Ewmett. From Brattsville, via Georgetown, to Clenland. From Brattsville, via Big Spring, to Decatur. From Buren’s Store to Clover Bottom. From Belltown to Citisco. From Graysville to Conlterville. . From Huntsville to Helenwood From Mill Creek to Stapleton. From Panther Springs to Talbot’s. From Purdy to Bethel Springs From Rhea Springs to Spring City From Tuseulum to Home From Wartborgh to Kismet · From Indian Mound, via'Legate, Stewart County, Tennessee, to La Fayette, Christian County, Kentucky. From Dov via Iron Mountain, Stewart County, Tennessee, to Golden Pontlgrigg County, Kentucky. From Jamestown, via Byrdstown, Pickett County, to Mouth of Wolf Creek, Clay County. From Mockeson to Fall River.