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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. 011. 121. 1883. 523 to give bonds, with sufficient sureties, under such rules and regulations Y as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, for the payment of lawful duties which may accrue should any of the articles aforesaid be sold, transferred, or used contrary to the provisions and intent of this ac . Sec. 2510.-All lumber, timber, hemp, manila, wire rope, and iron and Importation or steel rods, bars, spikes, nails, and bolts, and copper and composition m”*“l°l“ f°' °°”‘ ` metal which may be necessary for the construction and equipment of ;;`;°;{;°"’ °t°" °f vessels built in the United States for foreign account and ownership or ' for the purpose of being employed in the foreign trade, including the trade between the Atlantic and Pacific ports of the United States, after the passage of this act, may be imported in bond under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; and upon proof that such materials have been used for such purpose, no duties shall be paid thereon. But vessels receiving the benefit of this section shall not be allowed to engage in the coastwise trade of the United States more than two months in any one year, except upon the payment to the United States of the duties on which a rebate is herein allowed: Provided, That vessels built in the United States for foreign account mm. and ownership shall not be allowed to engage in the coastwise trade of the United States. Sec. 2511.-All articles of foreign production needed for the repair of Innportatiem of American vessels engaged exclusively in foreign trade may be with- ,'t'*'°f¤ m*°¥'d°‘}. drawn from bonded warehouses free of duty, under such regulations as ,*;;:1: mp"` ° ` the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. Sec. 2512.-That no duty shall be levied or collected on the importa- Peltries and tion of peltries brought into- the Territories of the United States by 3PM' H°gd° f Ig ‘ Indians, nor on the proper goods and eifects, of whatever nature, of ,:,*2%,;] Q';e_° ° Indians passing or repassing the boundary-line aforesaid, unless the same be goods in bales or other large packages unusual among Indians, which shall not be considered as goods belonging to Indians, nor be en- ` titled to the exemption from duty aforesaid. " Sec. 2513.-There shall be levied, collected, and paid on the imports- Duty on articles tion of all raw or unmanufactured articlesinot herein enumerated or"¤°* °¤¤m°¤;:‘d» provided for, a duty of ten per centum valomem; and all articles Q:]"' “‘“““ °‘ manufactured, in whole or in part, not herein enumerated or provided ` for, a duty of twenty per eentum ad valorem ‘ Sec.7.——That sections twenty-ninehundred and sevenandtwenty-nine R. S. 2907 rnhundred and eight of the Revised Statutes of the United States and P°·,';l°'§ 2908 "_ • section tourteen of the act entitled “An act to amend the customs rev- 1mi6d_' enne laws, and to repeal moities," approved June twenty-second, 18 sms., 189, seceighteen hundred aud seventy-four, be, and the same are hereby, re- tion 14, r¤p¤=··1¤d- pealed, and hereafter none of the charges imposed by said sections or any other provisions of existing law shall be estimated in ascertaining Awutammqng the valueof goods to be imported, nor shall the value of the usual and of value. necessary sackm crates boxes, or covering, ofany kind be estimated as part of their v e ue in determining the amount of duties for which they are liable: Provided, That if any packages, sacks, crates, boxes, or cov- pm,;,,, cringe of any kind shall be of any material or form designed to evade . duties thereon, or designed for use otherwise, than in the bona tide transportation of goods to the United States, the same shall be subject to a duty of one hundred per eentum ad valorem upon the actual value of the same. 81:0. 8.—That section twenty-eight hundred and forty-one of the Revised Statutes of the United States is hereby amended and shall on and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, be as follows: Sec. 2841.-Whenever merchandise imported into the United States is R· S- 2S4L 546. entered by invoice, one of the following oaths, according to the nature of °"}$r';‘;‘£ ‘ the ease, shall be administered by the collector of the port, at the time 0,,,,,, g,, ,,,,,0,,,, oi entry to the owner, importer, consignee, or agent: Provided, That _1f pnnyiuvoioes. any of tlxe invoices or bills of lading of any merchandise imported m