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552 FOBTY-SEVENTH CON GBESS. Sess. H. Ch. 128. 1883. omce ercmercr Is rm: Orman or rss Cmsr or Escnmsus.-One chief clerk, at E¤·'{1!°°tE’· I k two thousand dollars; four clerks of class four; two clerks of class dg,k;;ud°°5,;£_ three; three clerks of class two ;_ three clerks of class one; one clerk, ’ at one thousand dollars; one ass1?an(ti mfsseéiger; apdltwo laborers; in all twenty-three thousand two un re an brty e dollars. Skilicdamughts- And the services of skilled draughtsmen, civil engineers, and such mm- °i'“ °“€“*‘ other services as the Secretary of War may deem necessary may be

Q',':,;0°,,}‘z';d °°h°”’ employed in the Office of the Chief of Engineers, to carry into eifect

` the various appropriations for rivers and harbors, fortifications, and surveys of military defenses, to be paid for from such appropriations: HMM- Provided, That the expenditures on this account for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, shall not exceed seventy-tive thousand dollars; and that the Secretary of \Var shall, each year in the anlnualdesltimates, report} to Conlgress the number of rsons so employ·e an the amount pai to eac . Ofllceofpublica- PBOFFICE OF l.¥UlgLI(;ATION OF RECORDS OF THE BEBEILION.—Fot 0nB tion *1f K°?°1'd¤ °Y agent, two thousand dollars; two clerks of class four; two clerks of

  • 1*2 Efyugfggk class three; one clerk of class two; two clerks at one thousand dollars

mdgmhgm °’ each; fourteen copyists, at nine hundred dollars each; one foreman of printing, at one thousand six hundred dollars; one pressman, one. thousand two hundred dollars; five compositors, at one thousand dollars each; two copy-holders, at nine hundred dollars each; two assistant messfnglers; two waltchmenl; anld cine tljaggrerh at six hgndred dollars; in a , t irty-seven thousand eig t un an eighty dollars. · S11i>5¤1’§11*=¤11d¤ 11 t For superintendent of the buildin g at the corner off F and Seventeen th gf. *i?‘£5‘g§§;‘;:f streets, two hundred and fifty dollars; one engineer, one thousand dolmmn, ,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,1 lars; four watchmen; two laborers; and one laborer, at four hundred others. ‘ 311;} eighty dollars; in all, five thousand nine hundred and thirty o ars. Postage stamps For postagestamps for the War Department and its bureaus, as re- {1I gg 1:1 1* P¤¤*¤1 guged the Post:} Uxgpn, tphprepayl on matter addressed · o os mon coun 1 ree thousand dollars. Contingent ex. For contingent expenm of the ouice of the Secretary of War and the ‘11¤11•¤¤· bureaus, buildings, and offices of the War Department; purchase of professional books, law books, blank books, pamphlets, newspapers, maps, furniture, carpets, matting, oil·cloth, file-cases, towels, ice, brooms, soap, sponges, fuel, gas, and heating apparatus; telegraphing, freight and express charges; repairs to buildings and furniture; and for other abmlutely necessary expenses, including one clerk of class two, and one assistant messenger, sixty thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. sneicmry. tulip; 3\ationeriv‘;'ol1i the War Department and its bureaus and offices, ous:-in dollars. _ Rent at build- For rent of buildingsfor use of the War Department as follows: For ¤18¤· 4djutant—Generals office, four thousand one hundred dollars; for the Signal Office, seven thousand dollars; for the Qunrtermaster-General’s office, ten thousand dollars; for the Paymaster-General’s ouiee, four thousand dollars; for the Surgeon-General’s oilioe, nine thousand seven hundred dollars; for the Commissary—General’s office, two thousand five hundred dollars; for the Chief of Engineer’s office, one thousand six hhundxéedl dollars; for fthe R;=:1belHon(l{ecor<lloHi‘;:e, sue thlolussand two hunec dollars · in a or thousand one un re dol · and it shall Report to C¤n· be the duty df the heads bf the several executive departments to submit 51;;%:: °l;1£;‘:gn;: to Congress each year, in the annual estimates of appropriations, a mmd’;,,c_ _ statement of the number ofbuildings rented by their respective departments, the purposes for wlnch rented, and the annual rental of each. ,,,?{"f*j,°,,_1j,,‘{,*‘,},;,‘j rosmo nurnmses AND eizomms. QIOH11C B• _ Clerk and mcs- For clerk in the Oiilce of Public Buildings and Grounds, one thousand ¤¤¤s¤1‘· fiona hunlthjecl dollars; and for messenger in the same onice, eight hunree am or y • dollars. Public gardener. For the public gardener, one thousand six hundred dollars.