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578 FORTY-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 139. 1883. ummm. MONTANA. From Butte City, via Grace, and Mount Horeb, to Fish Creek. Nebraska. NEBRASKA. From Atkinson, via Celia, and Clifton Grove, to Lavinia. From Cambridge to Devizes. From Mahila to Sweetwater. From North Platte to head of South Loup. From Lonelm to Wilhelms Hope. From Fern to Paris. · From Stuart to Lomo. From Lomo to Doty. Nevada. NEVADA. From Grantville to Pedro. From Aurum, via Spring Valley, to Osceola. From Lnning to Woodruif. From Austin, via Healey, to Cashet. ‘ From Cherry Creek via Duck Creek, to Ward. From Junction to Cllwin River. _ New Hampshire. NEW HAMPSHIRE. From Bristol to Cass Mills. From Danville to North Danville. New Jersey. , NEW JERSEY. From Beemerville to Deckertown. New NEW MEXICO. From Clairmont, via Alma, to San Francisco. From Silver City to Pascbal. NewYork. ,_ NEW YORK. From Boonville to Forge House. A From South Colton to Childwold. · . . r From Childwold to Moodys, Tuppers Imke. From Clayburgh, via Cold Brook, Goldsmith’s, and Hunters Home, to Paul Smith’s, Franklin County. North Carolina. NORTH CAROLINA. From Otto to Highland. From Slmfordville to Fairview. From Supply to Old Dam, the most central point of Boones Neck. F Fuiiom Red Hill, via Brummett’s Creek and Hollow Poplar to Julius o . ~ mFrom Salisbury, via Kleilz, Tanyard, and Bock Post Office, to Mount easant. From Cranberry Forge to Linville Cove. From Greenville to Bethel. From Tillery, via Crowells and Dawson, to Tillery. From Denton to Linwood, Davidson County. From Brodie Place, Warren County, via Sol William’s Store, and B. P. Davi’s Store, to Warrenton. From New Berne to Adams Creek. From New Berne to Vanoeboro. From New Berne to Jolly Old Field, Pitt County. From Margarettsville, via Galatin, Creeksville, and Alw, to Potecasi. From La Grange to Seven Springs.