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602 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 142. 1883. ing four thousand two hundred dollars, salary, one thousand nve hundred dollars. Gross receipts, four thousand two hundred dollars, and not exceeding five thousand dollars, salary, one thousand six hundred dollars. Gross receipts, five thousand dollars, and not exceeding six thousand dollars, salary, one thousand seven hundred dollars. Gross receipts, six thousand dollars, and not exceeding seven thousand dollars, salary, one thousand eight hundred dollars. Gross receipts, seven thousand dollars, and not exceeding eight thousand dollars, salary, one thousand nine hundred dollars Postal receipts, And in order to ascertain the amount of the postal receipts of each M- onice, the Postmaster-General may require postmasters to furnish the department with certified copies of their quarterly returns to the anditor at such times and for such periods as he may deem necessary in each case Fourth clam. FOURTH CLASS. C ompeusation Sec. 2. That the compensation of postmasters of the fourth class shall · fixed ¤¤ b¤¤i¤ vf be fixed upon the basis of the whole of the box-rents collected at their

  • ’°‘"""““¤ °°°· offices and commissions upon the amount of canceled postagedue stamps

’ _ (provided for in section two hundred and seventy of the Revised Laws and regulations, edition of eighteen hundred andseventy-nine), and on postage stamps, official stamps, stamped envelopes, postal cards, and newspaper and periodical stamps canceled on matter actually mailed at their offices, and on amounts received from waste paper, dead newspapers, printed matter, and twine sold, at the following rates, namely: Ou the first fifty dollars or less per quarter, one hundred per centum; on the next one hundred dollars or less per quarter, sixty per centum ; on the next two hundred dollars or less per quarter, fifty per centum; and on all the balance, forty per centum, the same to be ascertained and allowed by the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post-Oilice Department in the settlement of the accounts of such postmasters upon their sworn quar- Proviao. terly returns : Provided, That when the compensation of any postmaster of this class shall reach two hundred and fifty dollars for four consecutive quarters each, exclusive of commissions on money·order business, and when the returns to the auditor for four consecutive quarters shall show him to be entitled to a compensation in excess of two hundred and fifty dollars per quarter, the auditor shall report such fact to the Postmaster-General, who shall assign the office to its proper class, and fix the salary of the postmaster as provided by section one of this act: Pro- Limit ¤f rw! of vided further, That in no case shall there be_allowed to any postmaster l:::;::,?: "* **1* of this class a compensation greater than two hundred and fifty dollars in any one of the first, three quarters of any fiscal year, exclusive of . mouey—order commissions, and in the last quarter of each fiscal year there shall be allowed such further sum as he may be entitled to under the provisions of this act, not exceeding for the whole fiscal year the sum of one thousand dollars exclusive of moneyorder commissions. Ordersohangiog Sec. 3.-That the Postmaster-General shall make all orders relative ¤=¤!¤~ri<·>¤· to the salaries of postmasters; and any change made in such salaries shall not take etlect until the iirst day of the quarter next following the order; and the auditor shall be notified of any and all changes of salaries. Postmaster-Geu· Sec. 4.-That the salaries of postmasters of the first, second and ¤¤g1¤<>r•»¤<1i¤¤t~=¤1— third classes shall be readjusted by the Postmaster General the first

lf::f‘;,£_8l";;;:)”x;:';' adjustment (under this act) to take effect simultaneously with the rend ,,,,,,1 ’d,,m,,; duction of the rates of postage, and thereafter at the beginning of each `

etc. fiscal year; and the salary of the postmaster at Washington City, Dis- Salary vfwnost- trict of Columbia, shall be five thousand dollars; and in no case shall i':';;'? of C- :2; the salary of any Postmaster exceed the sum of six thousand dollars ,, N,,,; y,,,.k {ml except rn the city of New York, where the salary of the postmaster shall M remain as new tixed by law, at eight thousand dollars per annum. ” Approved, March 3, 1883.·