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604 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 143. 1883. New York- For barge-office building at New York, New York: For painting, mantels, and tower-clock, four thousand dollars. Philadelphia- For post-oflice and court-house at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: For completion of building and approaches, four hundred thousand dollars: Prooim. Provided, That so much of this amount as is necessary is made immediately available for the completion of such parts of the building and approaches as are intended to accommodate the United States courts and their officers by the first day of July, anno Domini eighteen hundred and eighty-three, and those for the post-ofiice by the nrst day of October, anno Domini eighteen hundred and eighty-three, the Supervising Architect being directed to have such work done, so that the said courts and their officers and the post-office officials may be in the occupancy of the said building on or before the aforesaid dates. ` Pittsburgh. For court-house and post-office at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: For continuation, one hundred and twenty-tive thousand six hundred dol- ' lars. Saint Louis. For custom-house and post-office at Saint Louis, Missouri: For completion, one hundred thousand dollars. Topeka. For court-house and at Topeka, Kansas :_ For clock-tower and approaches, sixteen thousand two hundred dollars. Brooklyn. For post-oflice at Brooklyn, New York: For continuation two hun- ‘ dred thousand dollars. Budalo. For custom-house and post—office at Buffalo, New York: For continuation, fifty thousand dollars. Council Blunb. For post-office, and so forth, at Council Bluifs, Iowa: For completion, fifty thousand dollars. Donos, Toms. For court-house and post-otiice at Dallas, Texas: For completion, thirty-seven thousand five hundred dollars. Denver. For court-house and post-office at Denver, Colorado: For continua- ‘ tion, twenty-tive thousand dollars. . · · - Des Moines. For court-house and post-office at Des Moines, Iowa: For continuation, forty thousand dollars. Jackson. For court-house and post-office at Jackson, Tennessee: For completion, twenty-five thousand dollars. Louisville. For court-house and post-office at Louisville, Kentucky: For continuation, one hundred and forty thousand dollars. Paducah. For court-house and post-office at Paducah, Kentucky: For completion, eight thousand five hundred dollars. x Leavenworth. For court-house and post-office at Leavenworth, Kansas: For continuation, forty-five thousand dollars. [ Minnoupons. For postofiice, and so forth, at Minneapolis Minnesota: For continuation, sixty thousand dollars. Oxford. · For courthouse and post-office at Oxford, Mississippi: For construc- _ tion and completion, fifty thousand dollars. Greensboro'. For completion of court-house at Greensboro’, North Carolina, twenty- tive thousand dollars. ’ Rochester. For courthouse and post-office at Rochester, New York: For continnation, seventy thousand dollars. Syracuse. For post-otiice and court-house at Syracuse, New York: For continuation, seventy thousand dollars; and said building may be erected ‘ within twenty-tive feet of the north line of the real estate acquired for its erection. washington. For Treasury building at Washington, District of Columbia: Annual repairs to Treasury building, fifteen thousand dollars. Ro;-airs onapros- For repairs and preservation of public buildings: Repairs and pres- E¤jm§<>¤ of Dubin: ervation of customlnouses, court-houses, post-ouices, and other public “‘ ‘”$”· buildings under control of Treasury Department, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Secretary Treas- And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, should he up woyf cgepge deem it advisable, to purchase asite suitable for the purpose, other · 91;,;·::‘;;;n‘;’·¤;‘{;‘}‘ than that provided for in the act authorizing the erection of a new building in the city of Pensacola, Florida, approved June tenth, eighteen N