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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. 011. 143. 1883. 617 Incidental expenses: For horse and mule shoes, ive hundred dollars ; I¤¤id°¤t¤l ¤¤ ' black-smiths’ tools, tivo hundred and fifty dollars; vctcrinuy supplies, P°“’”· three hundred dollars; apparatus, disiufoctants, and so forth, .0110 hundred and twenty-five dollars; in all, one thousand four hundred and seventy-tive dollars. Transportation: For transportation and distribution of supplies, in- Transportation. struments, and material, twenty-tive thousand dollars; for transportation of officcrs and men, eight thousand eight hundred and seventy-five dollars ; means of transportation, namely: five mules, at one hundred and forty dollars each, seven hundred dollars; one spring-wagon, two hundred dollars; for repairs to menus of transportation, five hundred dollars ; in :1.11, thirty-five thousand twd hundred and seventy-five d01- lars. . Barracks and quarters : For commutation of quarters to enlisted mon BM'¤wk¤, ¤¢¤· 0f the Signal Corps, eighty-four thousand one hundred and eight dollars; work and supplies at Fort Mayer,Virginia, one thousand eight gugdrcd dollars; in all, eightyfive thousand nine hundred and eight • dollars. Clothing, camp and garrison cquipagc: For clothing for one hundred Clothing, gamp and fifty scrgcants, at forty-six dollars and twenty-five cents each, six ““‘? g“"”°“ thousand uiuc hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents; cloth- °q°’P°g°' ing for thirty corporals, at forty-five dollars and eighty-four cents each, one thousand three hundred and seventy-tivo dollars and twenty cents; ` clothing for three hundred and twenty privatcs, at forty-fonr dollars and thirty-two cents each, fourteen thousand one hundred and eighty- two dollars and forty cents; clothing for t;w0nty-two detailed men with the Arctic expedition, at fortyivc dollars each, uiuc hundred and _ ninety dollars; in all, twenty-three thousand four hundred and eighty- iivo dollars and ten cents. Medical department : For medical attendance and medicines for 05- _M¤di¢=¤l qw! hw- - com and enlisted men of the Signal Corps, three thousaudqivo hundred Pm! '“PP]'°”*°*°· dollars; medical attendance and medicines for oficcrs doing duty in . connection with tho Signal Service, one hundred dollars · medical and hospital supplies at Fort Moyer, Virginia, uiuc hundred ticllars; medicines furnished to officcrs and enlisted mon from purvcying depots and Arm one thousand dollars; materials for repairs of hospital; at Fort Moyer, Virginia, two hundred dollars; in all, five thousand seven hundred dollars. · And there shall not be expended from any moneys appropriated by the act entitled “An act making appropriations for the support of the Army for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eightyfour, and for other purposes! approved March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, any money for the support of the Signal Service or Corps, except tho pay of such commissioned officcrs as the Secretary of War may detail for service in that corps. ‘1uiu01uL IES. For national cemeteries: For maintaining and improving national C¤m¤¤¤¤’i¤¤· cemeteries, one hundred thousand dollars, not more than one thousand dollars of which shall be used in constructing a wharf at Chalmctta National Cemetery, New Orleans. To complete the road from the city of Chattanooga to the National Cemetery, near that city, twenty-Eve hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary to finish said road. For superintendents of national cemeteries : For pay of scvantymhrec superintendents of national cemeteries, sixty thousand four hundred and forty dollars. ` ms0mLLmEOUs•1‘¤. Survey of northern and northwestern lakes : For printing and issuing Survey of umbchnrts for use of nmvigatnm, ulcctrotyping copperplatcs for chart print.- ¤¤'¤*{::¤°¤!\W¤¤*· ing and completion of otllcc-work, three thousand dollars. °’“ °"