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620 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 143. 1883. Hampton, Va. For current expenses, including construction and repairs, at the Southern Branch, at Hampton, Virginia, one hundred and fifty thousand and seventeen dollars and fifty-two cents. For out-door relief and incidental expenses, fifteen thousand dollars; in all, one million one hundred and twenty-two thousand and eighty- eight dollars and three cents. Mississippi Riv- For the Mississippi River Commission, as follows: ¢r U¤¤¤¤¤i¤¤i<>¤· For salaries and traveling expenses, of the commission, office expenses, and reduction of work; for continuation of surveys and gaugings of the Mississippi River and its tributaries for permanent gauge-stations and borings, and for publication of maps and results, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and an itemized statement of the expenditure of this sum shall be included with the annual report of the commission to Congress. UNDER THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. WN •_vgt· y a rd, Navy yard, Wmhgntgttén, District of Columbia: For continuing dredg- “'h“' °“? ing, fifteen thousan dollars. mm, mms, Navy yard, Mare Island, California: Continuation of stone dry-dock, two hundred and seventy-tive thousand dollars. New York. For navy-yard, New Yorlg: For dredging, fifty thousand dollars; for cob-dock fifty thousand dollars. New-!•1‘d¤ ¤¤<i For nayy-yards and stations, one hundred and fifty thousand dol- '““°"’· lars; and fifty thousand dollars additional, which shall be used only in the care and preservation of such yards or stations as may be closed. . C¤¤¤n¤¤¤•ti<>¤¤> To the contingent fund of the Navy, to enable the Secretary of the g:;_°” °f Nmh Navy to make a proper compensation to the owners of the North Star, ' for the rescue of the crew of the United States steamer Bodgers,twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated; and not exceeding one thormand dollars thereof may be paid to the captain of said North Star as a recognition of his services in the matter. ’ Omwr ¤¢¤·1¤¤¤¤ To reimburse the officers and men of the United States steamer Hod- °Rf iuété ';‘;“;'“::f gers, burned in Saint Lawrence Bay, Behring Straits, Siberia, on the b,m,,,,,m{t_ thirtieth of November, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, for the loss of .their personal eifects by the destruction of said vessel, there shall be paid to each of the officers an amount equal to two months of their seapay, and to each of the men seventy-five dollars. To the mother of Master C. F. Putnam, who was lost on the ice in the heroic endeavorto aford relief to his associates, a sum equal to twelve months’ of his sea· _ pay; and for the purpose of settling the accounts of the late Master Putnam, the first day of July, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, shall Ee agsumed as tl;xlate of his death, and a sum sudicient therefor is ere y appropna Beware! to ¤9r· To enable the Secretary of the Navy to suitably reward, in such man-

  • ';;***"EaS“* ner as he may deem most advisable, the natives at and about Saint

“°° y' Lawrence Bay who housed, fed, and extended other kindness to the officers and crew of the United States steamer Rodgers subsequent to the destruction of that vessel,three thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be neceslsaiiya, and gnat tile sums appropriated by the two foregoing pwp s imm_ iate y avai able. Coaster’sHarb0r For continuation of the wharf and for a rigging and sail loft and mime- d.riIl-hall on Coasters Harbor Island, forty-five thousand dollars. Potomac Steam- To enable the Secretary of the Navy to pay the Potomac Steamboat Wt C<>¤¤P=¤Y· Company the amount found to be due them by a board of naval officers appointed to ascertain the damage occasioned by the negligence of the otilcers in command of the United States naval tug Fortune, in running down the said companys steamer Excelsior, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, December fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, nineteen thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven dollars and fifteen cents; and the acceptance of this sum shall be in full for all claims which the said company now has against the United States, because of said collision.