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662 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 114. 1882. Kantueky. To John C. Estes, of Cumberland County, seventy-tive dollars To Thomas Elder of Adair County, thirty-eight dollars. To James Eubanks, of Lincoln County, thirty-five dollars. To Peter Evans, of Clark County, ninety dollars. To Henry Elliott, of Knox County, ninety-eight dollars. I To Shelby B. Follis, of Allen County, three hundred and seventy dollars. Ll To James Fitzpatrick, of Lawrence County, one hundred and lifteen ollars' To David Furguson, executor of Hugh Furguson, deceased, of J eiferson County two hundred and six dollars and fifty cents. To J. J. Faris, of Madison County, three hundred dollars. To Enoch Bird, administrator of James Faulkner, deceased, of Bell County, two hundred and one dollars and sixty cents. To Clark B. Gregory, of Nelson County, fifty-two dollars and forty- two cents. To J. W. Stewart, administrator of Andrew D. Gwinn, deceased, of Monroe County, thirty dollars. d T10 T. C. Gillenwaters, of Monroe County, one hundred and thirty- 0 ars. To William E. Griflin, administrator of Everett Griflin, deceased, of Union County, one hundred dollars. To Charles A. Gill, of Adair County, twelve dollars. To Susan Gibson, formerly Susan Morgan, of La Rue County, one hundred dollars. To Elizabeth Golden, executrix of William J. Golden, deceased, of Jackson County, twenty-five dollars and forty-five cents. d To John H Grider,.of Casey County, one hundred and fourteen To N. W. Gould, of Henry County, one hundred and ten dollars. To Willard F. Harlow, administrator of Benjamin F. Harlow, deceased, of Warren County, eighty-eight dollars and twentyive cents. To James Harlan, of Monroe County, thirty-nve dollars. To H. B. Howard, of Monroe County, sixty-1'lve dollars and twenty- five cents. ` To William T. Haywood, of Floyd County, seventy-two dollars and fifty cents. To Thomas J. Hansel, of Rockcastle County, one hundred and twelve dollars and nfty cents. ~ To Jomph Helm, of Taylor County, thirty-one dollars and fifty cents. To James P. Hollingsworth, of Clinton County, one hundred and six dollars and forty cents. To J. J. Hood, of Allen County, one hundred and twenty-six dollars. d To Bettie B. Hughes, of Union County, three hundred and fifty o ars. To Daniel Hughes, of Washington County, eighty-seven dollars and seventy cents. To Hiram Humes, of Cumberland County, one hundred and twenty- five dollars. To John S. Humphreys, administrator of John A. Y. Humphreys, deceased, of Nelson Conmty, five hundred and forty-three dollars. To J. E. Hancock, administratrix of F. M. Hancock, deceased, of Logan County, one hundred and fifty dollars. T:) B. R. Hackney, of Bockcastle County, twenty-six dollars and fifty cen s. To William Harlow, of Warren County twenty dollars. To A gnes A. Holder, executrix of John Holder, deceased, of Allen County, one hundred and fortytwo dollars and eighty-five cents. To Franklin P. Hudgins, of Green County, forty dollars. * To Richard W. Hudgin, of Hart County, two hundred dollars. To Solomon Irwin, of Hardin County, two hundred and fourteen dollars and fifty cents.