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54 FORTY SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 116. 1882. Contracts, con- tractor or subcontractor shall sublet his contract for the transportation <W»"i°¤¤» P°¤¤m°°· of the mail on any route for 21. less sum than that for which he contmeted °°°‘ to perform the service, the Postmaster-General mary, whenever he shan deem it for the good of the service, declare the omgmal contract at an end, and enter into a contract with the last subcontractor, without udvertising, to perform the service on the terms at which the last subcontractor agreed with the original contractor or former subcontractor to Provivvm perform the same: Provided, That such lust subcontractor shall enter into a good and sutficient bond, and that the original contractor shall not be released from his contract until a good and sufficient bond has been made by such last subcontractor and accepted by the Post- Office Department: Provided, further, That when so contract hereafter made is declared void on account of its having been sublet, the "contractor shall not be entitled to one month’s extra pay as provided for by law: And provided further, Thatif any person shall hereafter perform any service for any contractor or subcontractor in carrying the mail, he shall, upon filing in the department his contract for such service, and satisfactory evidence of its performance, thereafter have an lien on any money due such contractor or subcontractor for such service to the amount of the same; and if such contractor or subcontractor shall fail to pay the party or parties who have performed service as aforesaid the amount due for such service within two months after the expiration of the quarter in which such service shall have been performed, the Postmaster-General may cause the amount due to be paid said party or parties and charged to the contractor, provided that such payment shall not in any ease exceed the rate of pay per annum of the contractor or subcontractor: And provided further, That where any person, corporation, or partnership shall have contracts for the performanee of mail service upon more than one route, and any failure to perform the service according to eontmcton any one or more of such routes shall occur, no payment shall be made for service on any of the routes under contract with such person, corporation, or partnership until such failure has been removed and all penalties therefor fully satisfied. Railway 1> psf- For railway post-ofice-ear service, one million five hundred and °m°° °‘“' ’°'“°°· twentysix thousand dollars. Items. For necessary and special facilities on trunk lines, six hundred thousand dollars: said facilities to be extended as far as practicable to the principal cities of the United States. For compensation to railway post-odiee clerks, one million seven hundred thousand dollars. For route agents, one million five hundred and iiityfive thousand dollars; and the Postmaster General is authorized to designate post- Postmastexs at masters at Presidential post-onices as disbursing otlloers for the pay- mxgx ment of the salaries of the oiicers and employees of the postal servicé N msbming 0m_ concerned in the transportation of mails or in their distribution in troumm, sm, 2:; and fo; such other payments as they are now authorized to maké m pos a revenues. , IWW- For mzxibroute messengers, two hundred and eighty thousand dollars- For local agents, one hundred and seventydve thousand dollars. For mail-messengers, eight hundred thousand dollars. For mail looks and keys, twentyilve onsand dollars. ' For mail-bags and mail-bag catchersgvvo hundred thousand dollars; of which sum nine thousand dollars may be used for the purchase of packing- trunks for the transportation of registered letters. For miscellaneous items, one thousand dollars. Yum Assistant Orman or mm Tnmn Assisurwr Poszmuscmn Gmmiux.,-For “‘:·*“'*"*°’ G°¤‘ rnanufactnre of adhesive postagestamps and of newspaper and pe1'i0d· ical stamps, one hundred and nine thousand dollars. Item. For pay of agent and assistants to distribute stamps, and expenses of Itge ageney, gigllt ttliziiilnéld one Igxnndred dollars. · 1- manu ac o s env 0 and news ·w¤z pers,iivo hundred and forty-seven thousand dollpsss. Paper P