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850 CON VEN Tl0N-N lL W ZEALAND. Ooronnn S,D1£CE)1BE1:. 6, 1881. the General Post-Oiiice at London, to the credit of the Post—Oilice Department of New Zealand. Payment or bal- lf pending the settlement of an account, one of the two Postal Ad- ¤¤<¤=¤ 1>¤¤¢li¤z M- nninistrations shall ascertain that it owes the other a balance exceeding

  • l'°’“°““· five hundred pounds (£500) sterling, the indebted Administration shall

promptly remit the approximate amount of such balance to the credit of the other. Account to can- This account shall be in accordance with the forms “D," "E," “F," fvfm f¢> *`°¤¤¤"D»” and “G," annexed to this Convention. (5E,D (LF, 17 and tlc,-!) ARTICLE 13. Eq uiv a len t Until the two Postal Administrations shall consent to an alteration,

  • =¤1¤5> of the 1><>¤¤<i it is agreed that in all matters of account relative to money-orders

‘*°'1‘“g· which shall result from the execution of the present Convention the pound sterling of Great Britain shall be considered as equivalent to four dollars, eighty-seven cents of the money of the United States. Anrricnn 14. Additionalmleg. The Postal Administration in each country shall be authorized to adopt any additional rules, ((if not repugnant to the foregoing), for the greater security against fran , or for the better working of the system, generally. All such additional rules, however, must be promptly communicated to the Post Oiice of the other country. _ Anrrcnn 15. " commeuwnent. This present Convention shall take eifect on the iirst day of January, 1882, and shall continue in force until twelve months after either of the Tumiumm contracting parties shall have notfiled to the other its intention to terminate it. Dates. Done in duplicate and signed in Washington on the sixth day of A December, in the year of our Lord, 1881, and in Wellington on the eighth day of October, in the year of our Lord, 1881. Siz¤¤·t¤r¤¤· ["" °'L';',,,'§°;,‘,,*?,;';",,Q'f,.’;"‘*°•*] (Signed) THOMAS L. JAMES, · Postmaster General of the United States. (Signed) WALTER U. JOHNSTON, ‘ Postmaster General of New Zealand. In the presence of- W. Gmnr, _ Secretary Poets & Telegraph:. _ I hereby approve the foregoiu convention and in testimony thereof I have caused the seal of the United States tb be hereto ailixed. (Signed) CHESTER A. ARTHUR. By the President: - [,,*7*,,*;:,-,] (Signed) Jnms G. Brumn, Secretary of Slate. Wssnmeaon, December 8th, 1881.