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99 2 PBOCLAMATION S. N 0. 7. agricultural lands, and proof of their non—m1neral character shall not be required as a condition precedent to final entry;" and _ Whereas, allotments of land in severalty to Sac and Ifox Nation, said Iowa tribe, said Citizen Band of Pottawatonues, and said Absentee Shawnee Indians have been made and approved, and provisional patents issued therefor, in accordance with law and the provisions of the before-mentioned agreements with them respectively, and an additional ten acres of land has been selected for the use of said Iowa_ tribe to be held by said tribe in common, in accordance with the provisions of supplemental article XII of the agreement with them; and _ W'hereas, the lands acquired by the four several agreements hereinbefore mentioned have been divided into counties, by the Secretary of the Interior as required by said last-mentioned act of Congress before the same shall be open to settlement, and lands have been reserved for county-seat purposes, as therein required; and vu. as, pm. Whereas, it is provided by act of Congress for temporary government of Oklahoma, approved May 2, 1890, that there shall be reserved public highways four rods wide between each section of land in aid Territory, the section lines being the centers of said highways, but no deduction shall be made from cash payments from each quarter section by reason thereof; and Whereas, all the terms, conditions, and considerations required by said several agreements made respectively with said tribes of Indians hereinbefore mentioned, and of the laws relating thereto, precedent to opening said several tracts of land to settlement, have been as I hereby declare, provided for, paid, and complied with: mmwquuumm Now, therefore, I, Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States, “§,,';‘B{';_"¥·n,’1L’,},';; by virtue of the power in me vested by the Statutes hereinbefore menwmmi»,maAu¤¤e¤¤ tioned, also an act of Congress entitled “An act making appropriations 3”k‘}]f‘°° I”§,*,f,,';f,_; for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian Department, and mf gumbcr 22. fuliilling treaty stipulations with various Indian tribes for the year V'] 25 ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, and for other °‘ *"°°°‘ purposes," approved March second, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, and by other the laws of the United States, and by said several agreements, do hereby declare and make known that all of the lands acquired from the Sac and Fox Nation of Indians, the Iowa tribe of Indians, the Citizen Band of Pottawatomie Indians, and the Absentee Shawnee Indians, by the four several agreements aforesaid, saving and excepting the lands allotted to the Indians as in said agreements provided,or otherwise reserved in pursuance of the provisions of said agreements and the said acts of Congress ratifying the same, and other, the laws relating thereto, will, at and after the hour of twelve o’clock noon (central standard time), Tuesday, the twenty second day of this, the present month of September, and not before, be opened to settlement, under the terms of and subject to all the conditions, limitations, reservations, and restrictions contained in said agreements, the Statutes above specigah8am__ tied, and the laws of the United States applicable thereto. The lands to be so opened to settlement are for greater convenience particularly described in the accompanying schedule, entitled “Schedule of lands within the Sac and Fox, Iowa, Pottawatomie (and Absentee Shawnee) Reservations, in Oklahoma Territory, opened to settlement by proclamation of the President dated September 18, 1891," and which nm-aa, schedule is made a part hereof Each entry shall be in square form as nearly as practicable, and no other lands in the Territory of Oklahoma are opened to settlement No mmm www under_this proclamation or the agreements ratifying the same. {ssa? giggles teas; Ilotice, moreover, is hereby given that it is by law enacted that until ,,,,,,,,,,,g_ °" ° said lands are opened to settlement by proclamation no person shall be permitted to enter upon and occupy the same, and no person violating this provision shall be permitted to enter any of said lands, or acquire any right thereto. The officers of the United States will be required to enforce this provision.