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130 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 164. 1892. promo. forty-two, forty thousand dollars: Provided, That the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars of this amount shall be used for the pay of a Phwiciau, ea. physician and for purchase of medicine ; in all, fifty-one thousand dollars . tk8a:; and _Foxes of SACS AND FOXES OF THE MISSOURI. 6 lssoun. y,,,,,.,,,; For interest on one hundred and fifty-seven thousand four hundred dollars, at five per centum under the direction of the President, per vu. 7,];.541. second article of treaty of October twenty-iirst eighteen hundred and rama. thirty-seven, seven thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars: Provided, That in making payments under this appropriation no one shall an-mi mmm-sup. be recognized as a member of the tribe whose name was not upon the roll January iirst, eighteen hundred and ninety, but this shall not be held to impair or otherwise affect the rights or equities of any person whose claim to membership in said tribe is now pending and being investigatcdseam:. For support of a school, per fifth article of treaty of March sixth, v°L “~ ¥’·“"”· eighteen hundred and sixty-one, two hundred dollars; in all, eight thousand and seventy dollars. semmtm. ‘ SEMINOLES. ‘ 1mm:. For five per centum interest on two hundred and fifty thousand dol- V¤l.11.p/#02 lars, to be paid as annuity, per eighth article of treaty of August sevpnth, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, twelve thousand five hundred o ars; For five per centum interest on two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be paid as annuity (they having joined their brethren west), per eighth article of treaty of August seventh, eighteen hundred and ilfty-six, twelve thousand five hundred dollars; For interest on nity thousand dollars, at the rate of five per centum v.i,u,,·m. per annum, to be paid annually, for the support of schools, as per third gage); of `glhdarch tvganlpy-igrst, eighteen hundred and sixty- six, ousan un o ar · For intere t on twenty thousand dollars, at the rate of five per centum per annum, to be paid :1n;n1;.ally_, for the support of, the Seminole government as same 'c e o same treaty one thousand dollars- in all, twexity-eight thousand five hundred dollars. 7 Seneca. SENEGAS. $g;·gf;jj·{é,_ For permanent annuity, in specie, per fourth article of treaty of Sepgember twenty-mnth, eighteen hundred and seventeen, five hundred 0 arsvoi ·r.p.m. For permanent annuity, in specie, per fourth article of treaty of Septlember seventeenth, eighteen hundred and eighteen, five hundred 0 ars- For permanent annuity for blacksmith and miller, per fourth article V°*·7·P·¥'·*’· of treaty of February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, to be annually paid to them as a national fund, to be expended by them for such articles and wants and improvements in agriculture as their Vol. m, p. 515 chiefs (with the consent of their agent) may designate, as stipulated in {lhe (senydentlil article of the treaty of February twentyithird, eighteen un an six y·seven one thousand six hundred and sixty dollarsvc;. ·r, P, m. t Flr; permantegut agnuitly, in spleciegrpter foulrth article of greaty of Sep! cm r seven en cig teen un an eighteen, an iiith arti l v¤1.n.,p.s1s. of tr;atydo;dF(eb§uary twenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixuysevgni ve un r dollars- For blacksmith and assistant, shops and tools, iron and steel, per v¤1.1,p.m. fourth article of treaty of July twentieth, eighteen hundred and thirty- . sm. gpghanddddhtarhcle of {treaty ofl February twenty-third, eighteen hunan si -seven ve hun red and thirty dollars· in ll three thousand six hundred and ninety dollars. ’ a 7