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132 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 164. 1892. hundred and sixty-eight, five thousand dollars; in all, twenty-six thousand dollars. YSi¤N¤¤·>¤¤°f New stx NATIONS OF NEYV Yom;. ork. For permanent annuity in clothing and other useful articles, per V¤1.7.p.4¤- sixth article of treaty of {November seventeenth, seventeen hundred . and ninety-four, four thousand five hundred dollars. situ of ummm SIOUX OF DIFFERENT TRIBES, INCLUDING SANTEE s1oUx OF NE- '·*'“*°¤ nnAsKA. suppnts. For twenty-third of thirty installments, to purchase clothing for males over fourteen years of age, for flannel, hose, and calico, and domestics required for females over twelve years of age, and for such flannel and cotton goods as may be needed to make suits for boys and V0!-15»1>·¤8~ girls, per tenth article of treaty of April twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. For twenty-third of thirty instalhnents, to purchase such articles as may be considered proper by the Secretary of the Interior, at twenty dollars per head, for persons engaged in agriculture, as per tenth article of same treaty, one hundred and sixty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. T°¤°*·°'¤·°*°· For pay of five teachers, one physician, one carpenter, one miller, V¤r15·1>·*¤°· one engineer, two farmers, and one blacksmith, per thirteenth article of same treaty, ten thousand four hundred dollars; E"‘l’*"Y°°°· For pay of additional employees at the several agencies for the Sioux in Nebraska and Dakota, twenty thousand dollars; S°h°°‘* For industrial schools at the-Santee Sioux and Crow Creek agencies, six thousand dollars; M“*’°”· For payof matron at Santee Agency, ive hundred dollars; $“"**¤"•¤°°·°*°· For subsistence of the Sioux, and for purposes of their civilization WL 1% 1* 25* as per agreement ratified by act of Congress approved February twenty- eighth, eighteen hundred and seventyseven, one million two hundred P1{alTf*;°'p°;m,°n and twenty-five thousand dollars: Provided, That this sum shall in- ` clude transportation of supplies from the termination of railroad or steamboat transportation; and in this service Indians shall be employed wherever practicable: Andprorided, That forty thousand dollars ,,_§11}P“°° °* ’°l’°** of this amount may be used for substations for the issue of supplies in _ the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior: And provided jarther, L"““ °"‘**’°"’· That the number of rations issued shall not exceed the number of Indians on each reservation, and any excess in the number of rations issued shall be disallowed in the settlement of the agent’s account. Bl¤¤k¤¤i¤¤·°*°· For pay of second blacksmith, and furnishing iron, steel, and other rlngterial, per eighth article of same treaty, one thousand six hundred o ars. $°h°°l°- For support and maintenance of day and industrial, schools, including erection and repairs of school buildings, in accordance with article V0'-¤5·P-**3* seven of treaty of April twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty- eight, which article is continued in force for twenty years by section Vol 25. 1MM seventeen of the act of March second, eighteen hundred and eighty- four, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior may in his discretion expend not to exceed fifty Schools at cimium. thousand dollars of said sum in the construction of two Indian indus- ’;‘{',af'* R“P"* mb trial schools, to cost not to exceed twenty-tive thousand dollars each, one to be located at or near Chamberlain, South Dakota, and the other at or near Rapid City, South Dakota, upon such tracts of land, not less than eighty acres at each place, as shall be purchased by him for a price not exceeding four thousand dollars, and may also expend not to exceed four thousand five hundred dollars of said sum in the con- P_.u¤§¤gz];i wm, struction of an artesian well at the Indian school at Pierre in said ‘°“"· ° · Etate; indall, one milhon six hundred and ninety-eight thousand tive undred- dollars.