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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Suss. I. On. 164. 1892. 139 to be appointed hereunder shall be of the same political party, and any agreement entered into shall be ratified by Congress. For increase of compensation to the Assistant Attorney-General in d£j;=·¤ d¤1>r¤d¤ti<>¤ charge of Indian depredation claims, to make his compensation the£m¤ payto as same as that allowed by law to the other assistant Attorneys-General f,{j*'** ·=“*°”'°Y·G°'*‘ in the Department of Justice, two thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. To enable the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to employ suitable h0{f;·£<;}¤hj¤ *****1 persons as matrons to teach Indian girls in house-keeping and other P g` household duties, at a rate not exceeding sixty dollars per month, live thivusmiil dollars- f if t th te d t U or the urpose o carryin into e ec e agreement en re in o pdr =¤¤d Middle with the Ilpper and Middlegbauds of Spokane Indians, dated March bangs °°°k"°°° eighteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, and filed in the office of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs July first, eighteen hundred and eighty seven, which agreement is hereby accepted, ratified and con- {sé:ri¤¤r¤¤¤* wid. Hrmed, the sum of thirty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, out m I E ` of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, as the first installment of the sum of ninetyfve thousand dollars mentioned in said agreement; the above amount of thirty thousand dollars to be expended for the benefit of those removing to the Coeur d’Alene Reser- d·_{{{,‘,§‘,,°‘Q§Q,Q,?,§‘§,‘;f vation, in the erection of houses, assisting them in breaking land, pur- vwchase of cattle, seeds, agricultural implements, saw and grist mills, clothing, subsistence, and so forth. Sale and allottment of Umatilla Reservation, reimbursable: To carry ug1mgjQ},* Mme into effect sections one and two of "An act providing for allotment of she mfii tummm. lands in severalty to the Indians residing upon the Umatilla Reserva— tion, in the State of Oregon, and grant patents therefor, and for other purposes/’ approved March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-tive, V°l- ’**’·PP *’“·°*¤ eight thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, said amount to be reimbursed to the United States out of the proceeds of sale of Umatilla lands. Repayment to Menomonee Indians: To repay to the Menomonee WfiS¤¤¤¤°¤¤¤I¤di¤¤ tribe of Indians in Wisconsin the sum of twenty-seven thousand four ' hundred and fifty-three dollars and forty cents, amount covered into the Treasury, being the balance of proceeds of sales of logs cut on their S0ff,°P*>‘¤°¤t *0* *055 reservation during the years eighteen hundred and ninety and eighteen v61.2s.p. 146. hundred and ninety-one, to be used in the same manner as other moneys received as proceeds of sale of logs from said reservation. RELIEF or Form nn LAC cnirrmwn INDIANS. piggy] du LM Chin This amount to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of anfzggtmjpjzggggg the Interior thr the beneiit of the Fond du Lac Chippewa Indians, of from amber- aepmnthe State of Minnesota, being the sum recovered by the United States “"““· in compromise of suits against certain parties for timber depredations upon the Fond du Lac reservation, in Minnesota, and which sum has been deposited in the United States Treasury as a miscellaneous receipt, twenty thousand tour hundred and fortysix dollars and fifty-two cents. That the President of the United States is hereby authorized to ap- ,m'f]g’g§,Mgv$;;*¤i¤ point a commission to consist of three persons familiar with Indian c¤i»m1£tmm`m·¤: ailairs, 11ot more than two of whom shall be of the same political party, ;,"fflf°'*‘“‘i*‘·'°“‘°"‘ who shall negotiate with the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa In· ’ dians in North Dakota for the eessiou and relinquishment to the United States of whatever right or interest they may have in and to any and all land in said State to which they claim title, and for their removal to and settlement upon lands to be hereafter selected and determined upon by the Secretary of the Interior upon the recommendation of the _ _ proposed commissioners, subject to the approval of Congress. Said eQ,‘{‘f,'l’,°,,’,‘,§‘,,,{}’,{,E,*f“°‘ commissioners shall also report to the Secretary of the Interior the number of the said Chippewa Indians and the number of Mixed Bloods,ifa11y, who are entitled to consideration by the United States Government;