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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 164. 1892. 143 superintendent at one thousand five hundred dollars per annum, at the Indian industrial school at Pipestone, Minnesota, fifteen thousand dollars: Provided, That five thousand dollars of said amount may be ex- mm. pended in procuring a steam plant and necessary structures and appli- Hwang, em. ances for heating the building and furnishing power. For the education and support of one hundred Indian children at the MH¤1yF¤¤¤yS¤h¤¤1» Holy Family Indian School at Blackfeet Agency, Montana, twelve °°°' thousand five hundred dollars. For support of Indian pupils, at one hundred and sixty-seven dollars P°*"*¤· Calper annum each; furnishings, tools, and implements, and for pay of superintendent at one thousand five hundred dollars per annum, at the Indian industrial school near Perris, California, fifteen thousand dollars. For collecting and transportation of pupils to and from Indian schools u*lfh’{”°P°’°*¤¥· °“·» and also for the transportation of Indian pupils from all the Indian P ' schools, except Carlisle, and placing of them, with the consent of their parents, under the care and control of such suitable white families as may in all respects be qualified to give such pupils moral, industrial and educational training, under arrangements in which their proper care, support and education shall be in exchange for their labor, forty thousand dollars. That hereafter in the expenditure of money appropriated for any or mf}f;‘§'f:dg§,{j*;"?:;§ the purposes of education of Indian children, those children of Indians alty not miami. who have taken lands in severalty under any existing law shall not, by reason thereof, be excluded irom the benefits of such appropriation. That hereafter the Commissioner of Indian Atfairs, subject to the mfmew °°°“'° °* direction of the Secretary of the Interior, is hereby authorized and 7 directed to make and enforce by proper means such rules and regu1a· _ tions as will secure the attendance of Indian children of suitable age and health at schools established and maintained for their beneiit. That the expenditure of the money appropriated for school purposes w§'?hf;:{g>’°ff,y?*tf;;*6*;f in this act shall be at all times under the supervision and direction ot ew. M the Secretary of the Interior, and in all respects in conformity with such conditions, rules, and regulations as to the conduct and methods of instruction and expenditure of money as may from time to time be prescribed by him. mrnnnsr on rizusr-FUND srocxs. tg¤g{¤¤*· ¤r¤¤¢~f¤¤d Sec. 2. That for payment of interest on certain abstracted and nonpaying State stocks belonging to the various Indian tribes and held in trust by the Secretary of the Interior, for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, namely: _ For trust-fund interest due Cherokee national fund, twenty-tive ,uf1’§f"°"°°““"°““‘ thousand six hundred and forty dollars; _ For trust-fund interest due Cherokee school fund, one thousand six m(,{.l{°'°k°° °°l’°°l hundred and thirty dollars; _ For trust-fund interest due Chickasaw national fund, nineteen thou- ,u§§f"k”‘” ““"°““ sand eight hundred and twenty dollars; For trust-fund interest due Choctaw general fimd, twenty-seven thou- ,u*;'§°°¤' 5°'*°"* sand dollars; ' _ For trust-fund interest due Iowas, three thousand two hundred and I°“’““· eighty dollars; I For trust-fund interest due Delaware general hind, two thousand ,,,B§}“'“" “°”°" and seventy dollars; For trust-fund interest due Menomonees, nine hundred and fifty dol- “°“°"‘°"°°°· lars; in all, eighty thousand three hundred and ninety dollars. SIQC. 3. That no purchase of supplies for which appropriations are 1};:*;j·b•:?dj:¤?s‘;gj herein made, exceeding in the aggregate five hundred dollars in value gxwptim. ' at any one time, shall be made without iirst giving at least three weeks’ public notice by advertisement, except in cases of exigency, when, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, who shall make official record of the facts constituting the exigency and shall report the same