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166 1¤11¤·TY·sn00Nn concnnss. suse. 1. cu. 171. 1892. For custodian in charge of United States property and storerooms, nine hundred dollars. 13For expenses of drills and parades,·one thousand two hundred dolrs. For expenses of ride practice and matches, one thousand seven hundred dollars. For general incidental expenses of the service, three hundred dollars. Limit- And no contract shall be made or liability incurred under appropriations for the militia of the District of Columbia beyond the sums herein appropriated. _°1g¤lg¤:ud mpg NATIONAL ENGAMPMENT OF THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC. the uhlic. Q For the proper and legitimate expenses attending the reception and entertainment of such honorably discharged Union soldiers, sailors, and marines who served in the War of the Rebellion as may attend, as delegates or otherwise, the twenty-sixth national encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, in the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, and attending the preparation for such reception and entertainment, ninety thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may yn,. mumm, be necessary, to be paid wholly irom the revenues of the District of ¤°(j·_mm_ Columbia, after a fund of fifty thousand dollars, subscribed by the citizens of the District of Columbia for the foregoing purposes, shall have been paid and exhausted under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War. ixunmmenu. The sum hereby appropriated shall be paid to, and be disbursed by, the citimens’ executive committee, of Washington, having in charge such reception and entertainment, under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War, who shall report to Congress at its next session, in detail, the purposes for which said sum was expended; and the J•• °**••¤¤"***°°*· Secretary of War is hereby authorized to grant permits for the use of my reservation, or other public space, in the city of Washington, for reunion or camp purposes connected with such encampment, and which in his opinion will inflict no serious or permanent injury upon such reservation or other public space; and the Commissioners of the Dis trict of Columbia may designate for such or other purposes such streets, avenues, and sidewalks in the District as they may deem proper and necessary therefor. wmrmwmns WA1*¤R DEPARTMENT. Fm v¤¢•r me The following sums are hereby a propriated to carry on the opera- ”“°“‘ tions lof the water department, to Ibe paid wholly from its revenues, name y: tbmgwuehmmw- For Revenue and Inspection Branch: For one chief clerk, one thou- " ""°sand five hundred dollars; two clerks, at one thousand four hundred sam-res. dollars each; two clerks, at one thousand dollars each; one chief inspector, nine hundred and thirty-six dollars; six inspectors at nine 1>i¤¤ri¥·¤M¤¤l¤··¤¤¤¤- hundred dollars each; one messenger, six hundred dollars. For Distribution Branch: For one superintendent, one thousand six hundred dollars; one draftsman, one thousand tlve hundred dollars; one toreman, one thousand two hundred dollars; one clerk, one thousand dollars; one timekeeper, eight hundred dollars; one assistant foreman, nine hundred dollars; one tapper and machinist, nine hundred dollars; one assistant tapper, six hundred dollars; four steam engineers, at one thousand one hundred dollars each; extra steam engineer’s services for such times as may be actually necessary on account of sickness, leave of absence and Sundays, not to exceed five hundred and forty dollars; one blacksmith, seven hundred and fifty dollars; two plumbers, at seven hundred and fifty dollars each; two assistant machinists, at seven hundred and fifty dollars each; one property keeper, six hundred dollars; six iiremen, at seven hundred and thirty dollars each; two flusbers, at five hundred and forty dollars each; one driver, four hundred and