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172 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Srzss. I. C11. 172. 1892. nsmusmsut ex. For miscellaneous aud incidental expenses: For gas coal, oil, candles, P°"‘°“· lanterns, matches, chimneys, and wicking for lighting the Academy, chapel, library cadet barracks; mess hall, shops, hospital, offices, sltalgfs, and riding hall, sidewalks, camp, and wharves, five thousand o s- · For water pipe, plumbing, and repairs, two thousand dollars; For cleaning public buildings (not quarters), six hundred dollars; For brooms, brushes, pails, tubs, soap, and cloths, two hundred dollars- Fdr chalk, crayons, splamges, slate, rubbers, and card for recitation` rooms three hundred dollars; cempsumxou. Forbompensation of chapel organist, two hundred dollars; . For compensation of librarian, one hundred and twenty dollars; Mechanics For pay of engineer of heating and ventilating apparatus for theacademic building, the cadet_ barracks, and office_ building, cadet hos-

 chlapgl, ind philoisolpshlical building, including the library, one

ousan o un o s; Forepay of assistant engineer of same, one thousand dollars; _For pay of jive iiremen, three thousand dollars; For pay of librarian’s assistant, one thousand dollars; , For pay of one landscape gardener, in charge of cemetery and general care of public grounds, for such period as his services maybenecessary, five hundred dollars; In all, fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. For pay of one superintendent of gas works, eight hundred dollars. For pay of one civilian plumber, nine hundred dollars. m,,,,, For increase and expense of library, namely: For periodicals, stationegyflbinding boolkg, and scientinc, historical, biggraphical, aixdi gene iterature, to purchased in open market on the written or er of the superintendent, twothousand dollars. For additional tables, chairs, furniture, and contingent repairs of' library rooms, and for repairing books, two hundred dollars. F¤r¤¤=•¤¤¤*¤=— d ger furniture for cadet hospital, and repairs of the same, one hundred; o ars. d For contingencies for Superintendent of the Academy, one thousandollars. For rentewilplgs furniture in section rooms, and repairing the same, five hundred o . For reupholstering, and carpetiu g the Academy chapel, one hundred dollars. For contingent funds, to be expended under the direction of the Academic Board; for instruments, books, repairs to apparatus, and' other incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, one thousand {gmxés, summa dollars: Provided, That all technical and scientific supplies for the “departments of instruction of the Military Academyshall be purchased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may deem best. Musical supplies. For purchase and repair of instruments for band, and purchase of music, to be purchased in open market on the order of the Superintend-» ent, and to be immediately available, two hundred and fifty dollars. P¤M*¤*¤*k¤· rnnmo womrs. Repairing r·>=»·<1¤·~¢·=· For buildings and grounds: For repairing roads and paths, including roads and bridges on reservation, five hundred dollars. Fcir continuing construction of breast-high wall in dangerous places, five undred dollars. Wswr w<>rk··» For water works: Renewal of material in Hlter beds; improving ventilation of iilter house and water house; hose for use in cleaning filter beds and water house, and for use in fire-service at same; tools, implements, and materials for use of the two keepers, and for repairs of siphon house, filter house, and of four and one—half miles of supply pipes; for shed for tools and storage of fuel for keeper at Round Pond;