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258 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 233. 1892. moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be available until expended, namely: Gm; and mortar GUN AND MORTAR BATTERIES: For construction of gun and mor- °""“"°s‘ tar batteries, five hundred thousand dollars. Sim- SITES Fon. FORTDFICATIONS AND sEAc0AsT DEFENSES: For the procurement of land, or right pertaining thereto, needed for the site, location, construction, or prosecution of work for fortifications and coast defenses, five hundred thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Pr¤se¤*¤¢i¤¤.¤=¤- PREsERvAT1oN AND REPAIR OF FOBTIFICATIONS: For the protection, preservation, and repair of fortifications for which there may be . no special appropriation available, sixty thousand dollars. rum. For preparation of plans for fortifications, five thousand dollars. A¤·¤¤·¤¤*- ARMANENT on FORTIFICATIONSZ For finishing and assembling of s¤·w•=rg¤¤¤.Army eight-inch, ten-inch, and twelveinch seacoast guns at the army gun ‘““f“°°°”‘ factory, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. b S¤¤<=·;=¤;,¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤ For eight, ten, and twelve inch guns manufactured by contract under ’”€.§’f2K°p,§.ais.v1¤. the provisions of the fortifications acts approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, and February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, fifty-three thousand dollars. ram of gunsmade For necessary expenses, other than for powder and projectiles, inci- "Y°°“'“‘°"· dent to the test and inspection of the twenty-tive eight-inch, fifty teninch, and twenty-five twelve-inch guns provided under the fortifications Vol.26.PP·319,7'I0. acts of August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, and February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and as provided for by said act, ten thousand dollars. smi me gms. For steel field guns of three and two-tenths inch caliber, twenty-five thousand dollars. cmages. For carriages for iield-gun batteries, thirty thousand dollars. 1_“sa¤g¤trmu.imm¤s For steel siege breech-loading rifles of five-inch caliber, thirty-tive °" thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ _ seminar-nnaung For steel siege breech-loading howitzers of seven-meh cahber, thirty- }""""" ive thousand dollars. ¤¤¤·i¤z¤•· For carriages for siege breech-loading riiies of tlve·inch caliber, thirty thousand dollars. For carriages for siege breech—loading howitzers of seven-inch caliber, thirty-five thousand dollars. Aiming car-mgm For alteration of existing carriages for ten-inch and fifteen-inch smoothbore guns to adapt them to present service conditions, fifty ‘thousand dollars. Sighc¤¤¤•1f¤¤•·- F.or sights for cannon, and for fuses, five thousand dollars. rmpmsug umm- For inspecting instruments, gauges, and templets, for the manu- “"’""· facture of cannon and projeetiles, three thousand dollars. P¤•¤\•·r- For powder for issue to service, thirty-five thousand dollars. rmsmuen- For proiectiles fhr issue to the service, thirty thousand dollars. 1··.»s·i1m·, tw., for For powders and projectiles for the proof of eight-inch, ten—inch, and ¥"°"*“· twelve-inch (guns, twenty thousand dollars. s¤e»1.t.·11·. For steel eck—piercing shell for twelve-inch breech-loading mortars, thirty thousand dollars. s¤»1,.m.»»r¤»a¤a. For purchase and erection of steel plates for the test of deck-piercing shell, seven thousand five hundred dollars. smi nw:. For steel armor piercing shot for breech-loading seacoast guns, fifty thousand dollars. Ama- pun-A rm For purchase and erection of armor plates for testing armor piercing “"‘"· proiectiles, sixteen thousand dollars. _C'·»¤¤mi¤;»i•»r;_ ro u-- That the President is hereby authorized to appoint a board, to con- §]§f,§,f"L,’f,f° p"},?'},"; sist of three officers of the Army and three officers of the Navy, who cm:. shall examine and report to the Secretary of War for transmission to Congress for its consideration what, in their opinion, is the most suitable site on the Pacific Coast or on the rivers or other waters thereof, for the erection of a plant for iinishing and assembling the parts of heavy guns and other ordinance for the use of the Army and Navy.