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278 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sitss. I. Gus. 272, 273. 1892. 0::** ¤!¤··, l>·¤ °* "ABTICLE 81. The judge-advocate shall administer to each member °°°n.s.,.¤».ia4i,p.aza. of the court, before they proceed upon any trial, the following oath, which shall also be taken by all members of regimental and garrison courts-martial: ‘ You, A B, do swear that you will well and truly try and determine, according to evidence, the matter now before you, between the United States of America and the prisoner to be tried, and that you will duly administer justice, without partiality, favor, or aifection, according to the provisions of the rules and articles for the gov- · ernment of the armies of the United States, and if any doubt should arise, not explained by said articles, then according to your conscience, the best of your understanding, and the custom of war in like cases; and you do further swear that you will not divulge the sentence of the court until it shall be published by the proper authority, except to the judge-advocate; neither will you disclose or discover the vote or opinion of any Particular member of the courtmartial, unless required to give evidence thereof, as a witness, by a court of justice, in a due course of law. So help you G0d."’ Approval tr m- “A.BTICLE 104. No sentence of a court-martial shall be carried into

  • 3; m_m2_p,“,_ execution until the same shall have been approved by the officer order

` ing the court, or by the officer commanding for the time being.” Approval of neu "ABTICLE 110. N o sentence adjudged by a iield officer, detailed to °“}{§_',,g'$*°3,‘§,°,’,g m_ try soldiers of his regiment, shall be carried into execution until the same shall have been approved by the brigade commander, or, in case there be no brigade commander, by the commanding officer of the post or camp!' Jmpmma ¤» Sec. 2. That whenever a court—martial shall sit in closed session the ,,*E§,'jf"°'"'" °'°'°“ judge-advocate shall withdraw, and when his legal advice or his assistance in referring to recorded evidence is required it shall be obtained in open court. raumw osnnst Sec. 3. That fraudulent enlistment, and the receipt of any pay or

 ,,T§§§ allowance thereunder, is hereby declared a military offense and made

punishable by court-martial, under the Sixty-second Article of War. _&:¤*i¤*·**¤¤i¤¤ of SEO. 4. That judge-advocates of departments and. of courts-martial, ' and the trial officers of summary courts, are hereby authorized to administer oaths for the purposes of the administration of military justice, and for other purposes of military administration. Appmvh mh_“_ Sec. 5. That the commanding officers authorized to approve the sennyming rfmir, ac., tences of summary courts shall have the power to remit or mitigate the SGH DC . mm Sec. 6. That this act shall take edect sixty days after its passage. _Approved, July 27 , 1892. CHAP. 273.-—An act to amend section nine of the act for the relief of certain J¤ly27.1892· volunteer and reglplar soldiers of the late war and the war with Mexico, passed ‘ March second, cig teen hundred and eightymine. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House { Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section nine of the act for nsmtvti of charge the relief of certain volunteer and regular soldiers of the late war and °*`{’{’,,’§,";';‘}g,,,,_,,, ,0, the war with Mexico, passed March second, anno Domini eighteen prgsngng glgms. hundred and eighty-nine, be, and the same is hereby, so amended as to "“ ‘ extend the time for the limitation of the operation of said section tor the period of two years from the first of July, eighteen hundred and nmety-two. Approved, July 27, 1892.