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300 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 311. 1892. ’ I —€¥,P‘g“°§!”$’1*t °' To defray the expenses of an apportionment of the Territory of Okla- - °g`° ° W is m °' homa into thirteen council and twenty-six representative districts, for the purpose of an election to be held as hereinafter provided for, one Prooioo- thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: Provided, °“°°¤°°*>°°*°°*°‘l· That at such election in said Territory of Oklahoma there shall be elected a delegate to the Fifty-third Congress, members of the second legislative assembly of the Territory, and county and township officers. Such election shall be conducted in all respects as provided by the laws _ of said Territory. m;*s},’]1]_‘;’¤°“m°°‘°°“" The governor, Abraham J. Seay, of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, Leslie P. ` Ross, of Norman, Oklahoma, and Samuel Crocker, of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, are hereby appointed a commission to apportion the Territory into thirteen council and twenty-six representative districts as nearly as may be in proportion to the population, and the governor shall on or before the first day of October anno Domini, eighteen hunmsmon. dred and ninety-two, issue a proclamation for the holding of such election on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, anno Domini, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, setting forth therein the apportionment of said Territory as aforesaid, and such election shall be held on the day last named, and said second legislative assembly mQ§°**¤6 °* ’°g***"‘ shall convene on the second Tuesday of January anno Domini, eight- ' een hundred and ninety-three, as now provided by the laws of said Territory. " C<¤¤¤¤i¤·¤io¤o¤*¤’r¤>‘- That each of said commissioners shall be paid for his said services a sum not exceeding ten dollars per diem for the time actually spent in making such apportionment. Voing Pw=i¤°*¤· The said commissioners in making said apportionment, shall so make the same that no voting precinct shall be situated in more than one council or representative district. Should either of said commissioners fail or refuse to act, the governor shall appoint, as his successor, the person recommended by the Territorial executive committee of the political party to which said commissioner belongs. °*”“”*”€"°*"*“· The board of county commissioners of each county are hereby constituted a county canvassing board, and the governor, secretary, and Territorial auditor are hereby constituted a Territorial canvassing board, mmmgs. and said county canvassing board shall meet on the Friday next following said election and canvass the returns and declare the result of said election, and the county clerk shall thereupon immediately issue to all county and township officers elected at said election a certificate of their election, and shall immediately certify the canvass of said vote for Delegate to Congress, and for representatives and councilors to the secretary of the Territory, and the said Territorial canvassing board shall meet on the second Friday after said election and proceed to canvass the returns and declare the result of said election for a Delegate to Congress and for councilors and representatives of the Second Legislative Assembly, and immediately thereafter the secretary shall issue to the P··o·>*¤· persons elected certiticates of their election: And proridedjhrfher, That _ _ the Legislative Assembly elected under this act shall not consider any L°°“"°“ °‘ °“¥”‘“’· proposition or pass any bill to remove the seat of government of said Territory irom its present location. J¤<1i¤i¤r JUDICIAL. m¤¤m_1¤ag·>». For pay of the ditference in the salaries of the sixty-four district I"°’°““°“P“Y‘ judges of the United States as established by law prior to February twenty-fourth. eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and the rate of five V¤1·26,p.783· thousand dollars per annum, as established by the act of February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one from that date to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, both inclusive, thirty thousand eight hundred dollars.