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320 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cns. 312-314. 1892.

  • "’°"’°· Provnled, That this act shall not permit said corporationto take or hold

,,,12Q’§]§‘{,2§{d I"'"! f"' rtgldcstaiteil ghe District for speculative pjfrrposeag and only such as is u an » or the co rate purposes oresai . —*¤=*=¤•*¤=¤¤*· sw- Sec. 6. Congress rescrlggs the right to alter, amend or repeal this act. Approved, July 28, 1892. \ July 28, 1892. CHAP. 313.-An act to confer 'urisdiction on the Court of Claims to hear and ·"""·‘—i determine the claim of the heir of Hugh Worthington, for his interest in the steamer Eastport. Preamble. · Whereas, it is claimed the Steamer Eastport was taken by the United States anr{:)aDomin1i eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and converted into a gun t· an ' Whereas, it is claimed at the time of such taking one Hugh Worthington, then of Metropolis, Massac County, Illinous, but since deceased, was the owner of three-fifths interest in said steamer, and no compensation has been paid to said Hugh Worthington or his heirs: and Whereas, his daughter, Mrs. Sarah A Oakes of Metropolis, Illinous, claims that Hugh Worthington was a loyal citizen, that she is his only heir at law, and is justly entitled to receive from the United States C(;‘O}1 DS3lZl0H for the value of her father’s interest in said steamer; ore, Hugh Wmmn. Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United C,?,'?,"},'; c'§€,,,,,_ °° States of America, in Congress assembled, That full jurisdiction is hereby conferred upon the Court of Claims to hear and determine what are _ the just rights in law of the said Sarah A. Oakes, as heir of Hugh Worthington, deceased and that from any judgment so entered by said Court of Claims either party may appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States, for compensation for the value of said Worthington’s mum;. ‘interest in said steamer Eastport. That upon proper petition being presented by said Sarah A. Oakes, her heirs, executors, or administrators, to said court, said court is authorized and directed to inquire into the merits of said claim, and if on a tnll hear·ing the court shall . find that said claim is just, the court shall enter judgment in favor of Ehe claimlmtj and against the United States for whatever sum shall be oun to ue. P8$;1;;{P,j,¤g{f: 5;; Sec. 2. That in case judgment shaH be rendered against the United mum uma; £`m. States, the Secretary of the Treasury shall be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay the claimant, her heirs, executors, or administrators whatever sum shall be adjudged by the court to be due, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, Approved, July 28, 1892. July 28» 1892- CHAP. 314.-An not to grant the right of way to the Pensacola Terminal Com- "’”""""_“ pany through the lands of the naval reservation; near Pensacola. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United remain ·re¤-mimi States of America in Congress assembled, That a right of way shall be, ggé? Bj {lg,. §Q§f}fQ‘,{ and is hereby, granted to the Pensacola Terminal Company, a railroad ¤1;::¤:;0l&r·;__¤gr~·a¢i¤¤. corporation, incorporated under the laws of Florida, through the lands ‘ of the United States near Pensacola, in said State of Florida, known as the navy reservation; that said right of way shall be not more than one hundred feet in width, and located, at the expense of said railroad company, through said naval reservation, and to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Navy, to be evidenced by his written consent and ap- Maintenance of mu. proval. That said railroad corporation, on a written notification by the

  • ’¤Y· Secretary of the Navy of his assent and approval to and of the route

to be followed, shall construct, maintain, and operate, at its own expense, a line of railway on said route from Pensacola to \Varrington, on said naval reservation.