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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 380. 1892. 361 same, including salaries or compensation of all necessary civilian employees, forty-three thousand nine hundred dollars. INQUIRY RESPECTING FOOD FISHES: For continuing the inquiry I¤q¤iri<>¤, ewinto the causes of the decrease of food iishes in the lakes, rivers, and coast waters of the United States, and for the study of the waters of the interior in the interests of fish culture; for continuing the investigation of the fishing grounds of the Atlantic, Gulf, and Paciiic Coasts, with the view of determining their food resources, in the interest of the development of the commercial iisheries, and for the preparation of reports relative to the inquiry, including salaries or compensation and iield expenses of expert assistants, and other necessary employee , fifteen thousand dollars, two thousand dollars of which, or so much thereof as may be necessary, may be expended in examining the C1ark’s Fork of the Columbia River, with the view to ascertain the obstructions which prevent the ascent of salmon up said river to the Flathead Lake and adjacent waters. STATISTICAL lnoumr: For the studyof the methods, relation and sta- smmmiaquny. tistics of the fisheries, with a view to their improvement; for the study _ of the resources of the nshing grounds of the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific Coasts, and the determination of methods for the development of the same; for the collection and compilation of the statistics of the fisheries of all portions of the United States, including persons employed, capital invested, and the quantity and value of products; for the preparation of reports relating to the inquiry, and for such general and miscellaneous expenditures as the Commissioner may find necessary in the prosecution of this work, including salaries or compensation and field expenses of experts and other necessary employees, fifteen thousand dollars. · And ten per centum of the foregoing amounts for the general ex- Ten per cmaumpenses of the work of the Commission shall be available interchange- °"“"g°““°· ably for expenditure on the objects named. FISH HATCHERY, NOBTHVILLE, MICHIGAN: For the completion of Fish hutcheriqsthe iish-cultural station at Northville, Michigan, three thousand dol- N°"l‘“u°· M'°1" lars. FISH Hxrounnr, VEBMoN1': For the completion of the fish-cultural lj·>5¤g%¤r· 964 station in Vermont, authorized by the act approved March third, eight- °" ’“ ' een hundred and ninety-one, including the erection of buildin gs, introduction of a water supply, construction of ponds, equipment, and such other expenditures as may be deemed by the United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries necessary to establish the station on an efficient basis, ten thousand dollars. Fxsn Hnrcnrmr, LAKE Country, Conoiunoz mia, ctmy, cut. For the introduction of a water supply to the Station of the United wmmuppiy. States Fish Commission in Lake County, Colorado, including construction of dam across Rock Creek, the building of a reservoir, laying of pipe or other conduits, the purchase of necessary materials, and all other incidental expenses for the same, fifteen thousand dollars. And r,l;;;¢!;·{g° 0* Wmr the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries is hereby authorized and em- g ’ ' powered, either by purchase for money not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars, or other consideration, to seciu·e any land or rights, not now belonging to the United States, including rights of way and water rights, necessary to accomplish the object for which provision is hereby made: Provided, That the total expenditure for all purposes shall not mm exceed the sum hereby appropriated, and that any and all agreements L'“’*”- looking to the acquisition of rights not now held by the Government shall be approved by the Attorney-General before such agreements shall be binding upon the United States. _ Frsn Hucnnnms IN Morrrniu Ann Tnxnsz For the establish- umm me rms. ment of fish-cultural stations in in the States of Montana and Texas,