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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 146, 147. 1893. . 469 plan S, drawings, and Specifications for the erection of public buildings rum my be pt. ibr the United States, authorized by Congress to be erected under the "“‘“°‘“"’ °°"’*’°°‘“°“· supervision and direction of the Secretary of the Treasury and the local supervision of the construction thereof by competition among architects under such conditions as he may prescribe and to make payment for the services of the architect whose plan may be selected out of the appropriations for the respective buildings: Provided, That not less than five Promos. architects shall be invited by the said Secretary to compete for the ,,f°f,§‘§,§‘,§‘,§}'{’0,,'T““b°' furnishing of such plans and specifications and the supervision of such construction: And provided further, That the general supervision of the S¤r¤¤’¤i<>¤· work shall continue in the office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department, the Supervising Architect to be the representative of the Government in all matters connected with the erection and completion of such buildings, the receipt of proposals, the award of contracts therefor, and the disbursement of moneys thereunder, and perform all the duties that now pertain to his office, except the preparation of drawings and specifications for such buildings and the local super- x vision of the construction thereof, the said drawings and specifications “` "~ however, to be subject at all times to modification and change relating to plan or arrangement of building and selection of material therefor as may be directed by the Secretary of the Treasury. Approved, February 20, 1893. CHAP. 147.-An act to restore to the public domain a portion of the White F°b¤'¤¤¤`Y 20, 1893- Mountain Apache Indian Reservation, in the Territory of Arizona, and for other pur- ;';""’ P°¤°¤· Be it enacted In; the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That so much of the White White Mpunmin Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in the Territory of Arizona, estab- $,’{€§},’j’ ',i‘;‘,*;‘,‘,,{,’;°“°,f; lished by Executive orders dated November ninth, eighteen hundred gfggd *0 1>¤b1i¤ dv and seventy-one; December fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- ` two; August fifth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three; July twenty- first, eighteen hundred and seventy-four ; April twentyseventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-six; January twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven; and March thirty-nrst, eighteen hundred and seventy- seven; as lies within the following boundary lines, namely: Beginning Boundaries. at the summit of Chromo Butte, a prominent peak of the Apache Mountains about three and one-half miles southwest of the town of McMillen; thence running north forty-tive degrees east a distance of twelve miles; thence due north to the middle of Salt River, a distance of five miles, more or less; thence down the middle of Salt River to the intersection thereof with the present western boundary line of said reservation; thence southerly with the said western boundary line as the same has been ascertained and located by John C. Smith, deputy surveyor, to the place of beginning, be, and the same is hereby, restored to the public domain and declared to be public lands of the United States. Sec. 2. That the lands hereby restored shall be subject to entry and F¤¤‘i¤¤· occupation under the laws providing for the disposal of the public domain in force at the date of the passage of this act: Provided, That rmmp. each person seeking to obtain title to portions of said land, not mineral, ,,ff‘d°f§_,,,{§§,_ h°‘“‘* under the homestead laws, shall, in addition to the legal fees and charges of the register and receiver, pay for the land so entered not less than one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre in cash: Provided fur- nm or amy. ther, That any location, entry, or entries, mineral or nonmineral, heretofore made on said lands or any part thereof by any qualiiied person or persons shall bear date and be allowed with the same eifect and no other, as though said lands had been public lands at the date of the institution of such proceedings; but no such entry shall be deemed completed except upon the payment to the proper officers of the regular