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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 149. 1893. 47] approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, be, and the same is hereby, amended as follows, to wit: Section sixteen of chapter five hundred and thirty-nine of the public sums-» psmmtu. acts of the second session of the Fifty-iirst Congress is hereby amended Rehn ¤ i r ¤ m ¤¤ tn by striking out the words “ residing thereon as his home," where they ”‘°d' °d‘ occur in the forty-first line of page eight hundred and sixty-one, volume v,,1_ 2q_ P, SEL twenty-six, United States Statutes. That section seventeen of said act be, and the same is hereby, vn. zu, psa-;. amended so as to read as follows: “S1·:o. 17. That in the case of townships heretofore surveyed in the sumysa town- 'I‘erritories of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, and the States of Col- "“"‘ orado, Nevada, and Wyomirn g, all persons who, or whose ancestors, grantors, or their lawful successors in title or possession, became citizens of the United States by reason of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, or the terms of the Gadsden purchase, and who have been in the mm., by ,,..,,,,,,., actual continuous adverse possession of tracts, not to exceed one hun- ';;•}§·%0ffes{§j*,j¤ **· dred and sixty acres each, for twenty years next preceding such survey, wi. s, p. sz. ' shall be entitled, upon making proof of such facts to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land district, and of the Commissioner of the General Land Office, upon such investigation as is provided for in section sixteen of this act, to enter without payment of purchase money, fees, or commissions such subdivisions, not exceeding mma. one hundred and sixty acres, as shall include their said possessions. “After a claim of the character described shall have been filed as di- nigger ¤f i¤—¤:¤\•r rected in section eighteen of this act, and it shall appear that a tract ° ` claimed as aforesaid is of such shape that the claimant can not readily secure his interests by an entry by legal subdivisions of the public surveys, the Commissioner of the General Land Office may cause such claim to be surveyed at the expense of the United States, but the deputy surveyor performing the work shall not be paid for his services more than five dollars per day in addition to his necessary expenses. “Before commencing such a survey the deputy surveyor shall post, Pupmuinzs to ••· in at least three prominent places in the township in which such claim "‘°h“h ““°“‘ is situated, a notice in both the English and Spanish languages, calling on all persons entitled to lands in said township under this section, to submit to him within a reasonable time proofs of their rights in the lands, by ailidavit or otherwise. He shall then proceed to establish the lines of such possessions in the township as seem to him to be valid, properly connecting the lines thereof with the lines of public surveys, and he shall return the aforesaid proofs to the surveyor-general with the field notes of such claims and possessions. The surveyor—general Appmu or sushall then, upon his approval of said proofs and field notes of surveys, "°>"· cause the said claim or claims to be platted, and numbered as a lot or lots of the section or sections in which such claim or claims are situated, and shall transmit a. duplicate of the amended plat to the General Land Otlice and a triplicate thereof to the proper district land office, after which the land claimed as aforesaid may be entered as a lot or lots by the number or numbers designated upon the amended township plat: Provided, however, That no person shall be entitled to enter more pmnt. than one hundred and sixty acres in one or more tracts in his own Limit right under the provisions of this section? Section eighteen of said act is hereby amended by striking out the (rams extended as WOTQIS " the pa sage of this act," in the third and fourth lines of said °*$,§_°§$f",}‘f‘,,,,,_ section, and inserting in place thereof the words “ the iirst day of December, eighteen hundred and ninety-two." Approved, February 21, 1893.