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484 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 168. 1893. Government services, and also subject to such regulations as Congress may impose restricting the charge for such Government transportation, having claims against the United States for transportation of troops and munitions of war anu military supplies and property over such aided railroads, shall be paid out of the moneys appropriated by the foregoing provision only on the basis of such rate for the transportation of such troops and munitions of war and military supplies and property, as the Secretary of war shall deem just and reasonable under the foregoing provision, such rate not to exceed fifty per centum of the - compensation for such Government transportation as shall at the time be charged to and paid by private parties to any such company for like _ and similar transportation; and the amount so iixed to be paid shall be ' accepted as in full for all demands for such service. gmk md ¤°¤· Barracks and quarters; For barracks and quarters for troops, store- ` houses for the safe-keeping of military stores, ioroflices, and for the hire of buildings and grounds for summer cantonments, and for temporary buildings at frontier stations, for the construction of temporary buildings and stables, and for repairing public buildings at established

  • 2******- posts, seven hundred thousand dollars; Provided, That hereafter no

L“"“· expenditures exceeding five hundred dollars shall be made upon any building or military post, or grounds about the same, without the approval of the Secretary of War for the same, upon detailed estimates by the Quartermastefs Department; and the erection, construction, and repair of all buildings and other public structures in the Quartermaster’s Department shall, as far as may be practicable, be made by 0i*¤i•¤¤¤¤1>¤·»y¤¤s contract, after due legal advertisement: And provided farther, That no more than one million two hundred thousand dollars of the sums appropriated by this act shall be paid out for the services of civilian employees in the Quartermastefs Department, including those heretofore paid out of the fimds appropriated for regular supplie , incidental expenses, barracks and quarters, army transportation, clothing and ¤¤i·¤¤ ¤•¤¤·¤¤¤ camp and garrison equipage; that no employee paid therefrom shall receive as salary more than·one hundred and fifty dollars per month, q unless the same shall be specially fixed by law; and no part of the moneys so appropriated shall be paid for commutation of iuel and tor quarters to omcers or enlisted men. H°•P”¤l•· Construction and repairs of hospitals : For construction and repairs of of hospitals at military posts already established and occupied, including the extra-duty pay of enlisted men employed on the same, and including also all expenditures for construction and repairs required at the Army and Navy Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas, except quarters for the officers, fifty thousand dollars. mW5g2r; f<¤· h¤¤i>i· For construction of quarters for hospital stewards at military posts ° °‘ already established and occupied, including the extrasduty pay of enrmao. listed men employed on the same, seven thousand dollars: Provided D··*s¤•¤•>¤ ¤¥1>•>¤*•- That hereafter the posts at which such quarters shall be constructed shall be designated by the Secretary of War, and such quarters shall be built by contract, after legal advertisement, whenever the same is practicable. sham.; nugmm. For shelter, shooting galleries, ranges, repairs, and expenses incident thereto, eight thousand dollars. mytbinzy cpmv md Clothing, camp and garrison equipage: For cloth, woolens, material, gm °°" °"" P"'"` and for the manufacture of clothing for the Army: for issure and for sale at cost price, according to the Army Regulations; for altering and iitting clothing and washing and cleaning when necessary; for equipage and for expenses of packing and handling, and similar necessa- Pqqvfw- _ ries. one million two hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That here- ¥"*°°'¥ P"·’°”- after out of the money hereby_ appropriated for clothing and equipage of the Army there shall not be expended at the military prison at Fort lliegvcnworth a sum in excess of one hundred and twenty five thousand o ars.